Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible ongoing activity reported by a family living close to the Ravenna Arsenal

We have lived in Freedom Township, Portage County Ohio, since 2000. In a wooded area right across from a creek. We have heard in the spring time of the year a sound like a whoop...it was always at ...

January 2012

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible nightime encounter while fishing at Mogadore Reservoir

Going fishing last year at Mogadore Reservoir off Ranfield rd. Late night around 1am in the morning we had caught a couple of catfish. A 7lb and a 15lb. My truck was parked roughly 20ft behind us. Thr...

August 2011

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalizations heard while training hunting dogs near Atwater

December coon hunt on Fewtown Road on the dog training grounds me and 3 buddys lost our dogs. The Garmin GPS wasn't working so we couldnt track them, we waited for one of them to strike and heard our ...

December 2010

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible night time encounter while fishing near Atwater

It was July 17,2009 an evening i'll never forget.me and my older brother Michael were enjoying a night of fishing at a spot we frequented on many other occasions.the location was just west of the DAM ...

June 2009

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Woman recounts possible night time encounter near Mogadore

6-10-08 I was walking with several other people in the Mogadore reservoir area. We were by the camp grounds that have been closed now for a few years. We heard running next to us on the other side of...

June 2008

Portage County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Ongoing Encounters with "Fang" on old family land

I myself have had many different occasions with the creature I have dubbed "Fang". I have come to understand through self experiences that there is more than one creature in our area. I go hiking quit...

October 2003

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

A family is hearing howling behind their home identical to the howls on the BFRO website

I listened to the alleged Bigfoot howling on the BFRO website and have came to a conclusion that I'm hearing almost exactly the same type of howling in the woods behind my northern Portage County Ohio...

November 2002

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Tracks found in West Branch State Park

While doing some early season scouting for deer season in a remote part of West Branch State Park, I noticed a set of strange tracks that looked very fresh. At first they looked human, but I thought i...

August 1999

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Loud vocalizations and other noises heard late at night near railroad tracks.

I am a night owl. A few weeks back, I was working on my computer, it was about 2 in the morning. I live in an apartment complex on east side of Kent, Ohio. Next to the complex, there are alot of woods...

April 1997

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

While driving to a job a man witness's an unknown eight foot tall biped cross the road

I was driving my car up a hill at about 60mph when up ahead at the top I saw what I thought was a man carrying a bundle of sticks (about eight feet tall overall) across the road. I reached the spot ve...

October 1995

Portage County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting by motorcyclist near Atwater

This incident occured in the town of Atwater,OH. One day in the late afternoon my sister and I climbed on my motorcycle and headed back to what was once strip mines.I frequently rode there and knew e...

January 1995

Portage County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Man recounts sighting from his teens near Edinburg

winter 1994 jay lake area west branch state park a friend and i were fishing a pond. the pond was mostly frozen over except for a spot in the middle which we were casting bait into. i dont know how lo...

February 1994

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Man recalls possible sighting while driving at night next to the Ravenna Arsenal

Very early in the morning, 2:30am-3:30am, I was driving home and witnessed a large figure. The large figure was standing behind the fence of The Ravenna Ammunition base. I sighted this figure from my ...

July 1986

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Student hears vocalization near the Cuyahoga River

I lived at the Kent Village Apartments as described in Reports #4967 & #7832 around 1985-86. At that time there was a small wooded patch between a residential road that led back to a small housing dev...

April 1986

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

A man has heard similar cries in the night for over 15 years that were noted in another BFRO report from the same location

I have just read "A.D.'s" April 1997 report about a loud animal-like noise in the wooded area behind an apartment complex on the East side of Kent. I have lived in this same apartment complex for near...

January 1986

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Silhouette seen protruding above brushline near Mogadore Reservoir.

I was walking home from a friends house. I decided to walk the road home instead of cutting through the "dark scary" woods. I was about 100 yds from my friends house when I got that strange hair raisi...

January 1983

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Large footprints, area of matted grass and sounds of bipedal footsteps noted along shores of Aurora Lake

In the summer of 1976, I (Laurie) was playing along the shores of Aurora Lake when I came upon a very large set of human like footprints. There was two very clear footprints in clay and a lot more les...

January 1976

Portage County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Tracks found along soybean field near Edinburgh

Tracked large, human like tracks in mud along soybean field next to stand of old white birch trees laden with grape vines and underbrush. Tracks entered forest at corner of field. Tracked a 100 yards ...

November 1970

Portage County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Sighting in the Audubon wildlife preserve, outside Aurora

Rode my bike to the Audobon Wildlife Area. I was 10, 11 years old, i guess. As i entered, i saw a strange man walking south toward the road, Pioneer trail. Maybe 50 (?) yards from me; do not rem...

January 1962