Perry County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Sighting by dog walker and more recent incident on Stone Church Trail (Wayne NF) NW of Shawnee

My husband and I have been hiking a local trail system in our area nearly every day since we got our dog in 2013. Over the years we have experienced several instances of wood knocking and did not thin...

September 2020

Perry County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

A family witness's a hairy humanlike face in the cars headlights while pulled off the side of the road

My family and I were on our way back from Chauncey, Ohio visiting a friend. We were on Route 13 just about four miles south of Moxahala, Ohio. I had to go to the bathroom real bad so I pulled off a ac...

May 2003

Perry County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

While hiking with friends, eleven year old girl almost runs into 6' hairy creature

This took place in the summer of 1978 at a place called Clouse Lake in Perry County, Ohio. I was ten years old at the time, about to turn eleven. I was in the woods playing explorer with three other k...

June 1978