Luce County Michigan (Class B) BFRO

Rock hunters watch tall upright figure along Lake Superior near Newberry

To begin with, I'm not sure what I saw, but it was something I couldn't identify, so I thought this might be the right forum to approach it. During the summer of 1993, my brother and I were looking...

January 1993

Luce County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Man describes road sighting in teen years near Pine Stump Junction

During the summer of 1986, my two friends and I were 16 years old and had aquired a bottle of home made apple wine. We needed a place to consume said contraband without the prying eyes of the local po...

January 1986

Luce County Michigan (Class B) BFRO

Snowmobiler finds large barefoot tracks in upper peninsula of Michigan

While sno-mobiling in a remote area of the county in which I live, I noticed somewhat ahead of me something had walked and left this trail of foot-prints or tracks in the snow. I right away thought th...

February 1972