Kalamazoo County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime sighting by four witnesses, near Plainwell

A few of my brothers friends, my brother & I were sitting at home. My brother & his friends were in the next room & I was in the dining room on the computer when I heard loud banging & thumping on the...

May 2002

Kalamazoo County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Multiple encounters, multiple witnesses, dating back to 60's

I have had more than one encounter with BF or some thing. The incident that I am going to describe here is just one of countless that I have had. It was late, midnight or so; I was camping in a swam...

January 1989

Kalamazoo County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Multiple childhood interactions recalled by a woman who grew up near Kalamazoo

I have several encounters with Sasquatch. I also believe it was the same one both times although the encounters were 10 years apart. The first encounter was when I was in 2nd grade. I was born in 1963...

January 1979