Saline County Illinois (Class A) BFRO

Night time sighting by two witnesses at trailhead in Shawnee National Forest

I attended two BFRO Expeditions last year, the Oklahoma trip in September and the Missouri Ozarks trip in November. After those trips I wanted to try to locate some sasquatches in my area. There is a ...

January 2009

Saline County Illinois (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalizations heard by camper near Williams Hill Pass in the Shawnee National Forest

I am writing this report on behalf of my girlfriend. Although we were both together on this camping trip, I unfortunately was alseep and did not hear a thing. I have questioned her extensively and rep...

May 2006

Saline County Illinois (Class B) BFRO

Youth has pre-dawn encounter on the way to deer stand near Mitchellville

Note: the witness names have been changed for privacy. My name is Jim, and I've reported a vocalization experience which happened approximately 11 years ago in the same area. Regarding this fol...

November 2005