Medina County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Distinct loud wood knock heard near Buckeye Trail -- 18 miles south of Cleveland

Looking for mushrooms on trails south of Hinckley Lake, OH. Very few people back where I was. Heard rustling thru brush below me. I was walking a ridgeline above and east of creek. Noise was below my ...

April 2023

Warren County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Multiple witness daylight motorist sighting at bike trail half mile west of Fort Ancient

As we were driving along State Route 350 toward State Route 123 south of Oregonia, we came to the Loveland Bike Trail that runs next to the Little Miami River. As I slowed down near bike path cros...

January 2023

Medina County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Long, loud whoops heard at 2:30AM heard on southern outskirts of Wadsworth

On August 14, 2021 I was sitting outside watching the Perseid meteor shower when I heard two 'whoops' off in the distance. No long howl, just two 'whoops'. It was about 23:30 hrs. on a dark night. ...

August 2021

Jefferson County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Missing chickens lead to discovery of large footprints by chicken coop near Bloomingdale

On July 9th at approximately 10:00 A.M. I noticed my five chickens were missing. The chicken coop was full of feathers but no bodies or blood. I did a perimeter check and came across an extremely larg...

July 2021

Mahoning County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Couple returning home spots a bigfoot crossing their driveway outside Columbiana

Through the years I have had several sightings and interactions with what appears to be a bigfoot and family. We own the better part of mystic woods in Columbiana OH. When the gas and oil companies st...

July 2021

Ashland County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible sighting in Mohican State Park near Loudonville

It was June 18th, 2021 about 4:00 pm at Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio in Ashland County. My best friend and Idrove into the picnic area at the Covered Bridge, and there were no campers, hikers...

June 2021

Ashland County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Long distance daylight sighting by farm owner 5 miles south of Ashland

The incident occurred on June 9, 2021 at approximately 5:15pm. It started raining around 3:30pm and ended around 5pm. I had to get the grass mowed because it was already too long. Usually, when I mow,...

June 2021

Guernsey County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Salt Fork boaters hear a loud, deep howl ("Ohio Howl") from adjacent shore

Earlier this evening (6-5-21) 4 of us were boating at Salt Fork in Ohio. I live less than 10 miles so I've fished and boated out here for years. This evening (8pm, lake is very busy with several boats...

June 2021

Ashland County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Recent encounter behind Warehouse 24 Gym on the outskirts of Ashland

My 20 year old step daughter Emmi had a visual sighting last night in Ashland, Ohio. The date was 4/24/2021. It was about midnight and she had left a 24 hour gym that has woods behind it. She saw a gr...

April 2021

Logan County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Cabin renters have sighting outside Logan in Wayne National Forest

10 of us rented a cabin in the woods Thursday Oct 29th thru Sunday Nov 1st. It was located in Logan Ohio part of Hocking Hills area. Everything was normal till Friday. We all started smelling a nasty ...

October 2020

Perry County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Sighting by dog walker and more recent incident on Stone Church Trail (Wayne NF) NW of Shawnee

My husband and I have been hiking a local trail system in our area nearly every day since we got our dog in 2013. Over the years we have experienced several instances of wood knocking and did not thin...

September 2020

Ashland County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Campers' encounter at Pleasant Hill Lake Park, next to Mohican Memorial State Forest

This report was taken from an official MWCD (Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District) Park Ranger - Incident Call Record Report #CL-21-010216. Field notes filed on August 18th, 2020 at 22:50 hours by...

August 2020

Warren County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible knock heard from Little Miami Bike Trail near Ft. Ancient

I was on the Little Miami Bike Trail heading back to Morrow from Oregonia...mile marker 23.5. It was Sunday, April 12, around 5:00 in the afternoon. Since the Covid restrictions were enacted a week or...

April 2020

Belmont County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

LAST WEEK: Fishing couple reports whoops, bipedal footfalls, tree pushover while night fishing in Egypt Valley

On the evening of April 7, 2020, we decided to do a little catfish fishing at a creek off of Piedmont lake in Egypt Valley. We backed our truck up to the water, dropped the tailgate, built a fire and ...

April 2020

Fairfield County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Two witnesses to road crossing Sasquatch, 23 miles south of Columbus, near Stoutsville

My husband and I were driving home down Winchester Southern Rd toward St Rt 22 around 9:00pm on 12/20/2019. It was completely dark outside by this time. We were going around 60mph. My husband was on h...

December 2019

Athens County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Dog walker lady has daylight sighting of a Bigfoot in a nature preserve NW of Coolville

I was walking my dog's and, and it was getting dark. I observed my dogs smelling everything and acting like they were bred to be hunting dogs. I was talking to my dogs saying things like 'what is it w...

October 2019

Summit County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

4:45am road crossing sighting of a Sasquatch 18 miles south of Cleveland

In 2019 Richfield Ohio large dark figure crossed road....

May 2019

Harrison County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Landowner reports stolen animals along with a sighting of a tall, bipedal, black creature

Last night I took my dog out and at about 2:45 AM. While we were outside, he seen something that scared him so bad that he drug me to the house. He acted as if I couldn't get the door open fast enough...

February 2019

Clermont County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Homeowner across the street from East Fork State Park (30mi SE of Cincinnati) describes possible encounter at night

One night this past Spring at about 10:00 PM, when it was warm enough to be outside at night without a coat and with just shorts and a t-shirt on, and when the leaves on the trees were budding but not...

April 2018

Belmont County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible track lines and vocalizations found in a rural neighborhood outside St. Clairsville

In mid September 2017 at approximately 1:00 am while taking a small dog out I heard a scream that sounded as if a woman was in some kind of trouble. It was very loud and blood curdling. At the same ti...

January 2018

Knox County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Couple is startled by a quick "road crosser" at dark just outside of Howard

Was driving to my fianc''s house with her in the car at around 6:30 PM. We were heading east bound on 36 when we both witnessed in our headlights a shadowy figure sprint across the road from north to ...

January 2018

Sandusky County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Daytime road crossing on State Route 19 just outside of Fremont

It was on October 28th, a Saturday afternoon about 4:30pm. It was a clear sunny day when my wife and I were on our way down south driving on state route 19 South near Fremont, Ohio. As we came around ...

October 2017

Hocking County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Possible track found and cast off a trail near Hocking River

My husband and I were walking a trail at Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. We stepped aside to let some fellow hikers walk through and I happened to notice on the other side of the trail (off the trai...

August 2017

Adams County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Strange occurrences at a rural cabin near West Union causes owner to put it up for sale

I have a small cabin built in the woods near West Union Ohio in Adams county. Spend usually each summer and fall there for a few nights each visit. On each night, we have heard howls and things/animal...

June 2017

Miami County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Daytime sighting in Tipp City while fishing the Great Miami River

So I was with five of my friends fly fishing and when we pulled in we noticed an almost dead silence. So we go along the trail to our spot we always fish at do to the large amount of bass we have caug...

June 2017