Calhoun County Illinois (Class A) BFRO

Woman sees black shiny figure standing by tree disappear into forest

I noticed that when we passed by the "chicken house" that the chickens were not out and about as usual. Then I noticed a medium size dog running very quickly down the road towards us. Then on the d...

May 1998

Calhoun County Illinois (Class B) BFRO

Memory told of a possible sighting on a back road west of Hardin

I was riding with a friend in the summer of 1974, on the back roads at night when we had to stop to relieve ourselves. First thing we noticed upon opening the car doors was the worst odor we had ever ...

July 1974

Calhoun County Illinois (Class B) BFRO

Childhood memory told of seeing an upright, white animal while playing in a creek near Brussels

It was white. Not the typical dark color we hear about. Was in the woods next to a small area of water....

January 1968