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Screaming sounds in the woods, rocks thrown at camera Georgia, 2013 Breakdown in 4K!

Make sure you check out this video! Don't click if you believe in bigfoot! Like our page:

Posted 2/19/2020 2:05:23 PM

Spaced Out radio Feb 17 20 The Olympic Bigfoot Project

Source: Spaced Out radio Feb 17 20 The Olympic Bigfoot Projec...

Posted 2/19/2020 11:36:34 AM

The Unknown Files: The Ohio Grassman

From shady recent drone footage to the actual legend, today we take a look at the Ohio Grassman... Contact us at: Send ...

Posted 2/19/2020 11:25:09 AM

4K Video Of My Finding Tracks In Creek Bed In Florida

This is extra video from my Crosstour Action Camera that I had strapped to my chest and was filming when I came upon these foot prints. This is in 4K ...

Posted 2/19/2020 11:19:28 AM

Trout Lake Bigfoot

I've been so behind on videos that they are piling up. Video was shot back in mid July of 2019. We spent a few days camping at Trout Lake in Ferry Cou...

Posted 2/19/2020 11:16:59 AM

Bigfoot Made a Strange Noise in the Woods BFRO Report 63492 Commentary

If you enjoy this sort of content please let me know in the comment section below so I know what videos to focus on in the future. Want to help me gro...

Posted 2/19/2020 11:09:28 AM


It's not everyday you hear about encounters and strange events on one of the most heavily built and defended US bases in the world. I'd like to thank ...

Posted 2/19/2020 11:02:26 AM

26 CREATURE ENCOUNTERS COMPILATION (Dogman, Skinwalkers, Park Ranger Stories, More) - WLB

A large compilation of last weeks videos in one place! Dogman, skinwalkers and more! NEW episode airing tomorrow! ====================================...

Posted 2/19/2020 10:42:01 AM

Johnny Harris Bigfoot sighting

Johnny compares what he saw to our trail cam pic...

Posted 2/19/2020 10:41:57 AM

Johnny Harris talks with The Bigfoot Guys

Johnny Describes his encounter and what the creature looked like...

Posted 2/19/2020 10:39:31 AM

Sasquatch and a Reporter

KS Brooks is a local reporter that came out for a day to do a story on us and to see what goes into looking for signs of bigfoot. We had a great time ...

Posted 2/19/2020 10:09:30 AM

Bigfoot Destroys Logging Equipment | Sasquatch Encounters

Please enjoy these sasquatch encounters! SASQUATCH STORIES PLAYLIST

Posted 2/18/2020 3:37:01 PM

Darkness Radio - True Crime Tuesday The Sasquatch Slaughter with Greg Lawson & Dave Schrader 2/18/20

True Crime Tuesday goes on the hunt for a unique killer in the case of The Sasquatch Slaughter with Det. Greg Lawson PLUS Dumb Crimes/Stupid Criminals...

Posted 2/18/2020 12:38:18 PM

Back at main Bigfoot area. The tree.

Always catch something near this tree at the entrance....

Posted 2/18/2020 12:37:25 PM

Carved Wooden Creatures

This is a first attempt on a carving a smaller version of Sasquatch or Bigfoot....Needs improvement....

Posted 2/18/2020 12:36:06 PM

The Bigfoot swamp, what’s new here?

Return to the Bigfoot swamp to see if anything is out here today....

Posted 2/18/2020 12:35:10 PM

Idaho Bigfoot Witness Report. They came to hunt my dogs

Source: This week, the guys and I talk with Joe Vogel about his fasc...

Posted 2/17/2020 2:02:44 PM

Bigfoot T_pee did we find his house

UK i will do stories on bigfoot...

Posted 2/17/2020 2:01:38 PM

Squatchin' in Scotland - Anomalies in the Woods ("the fence")

Researching unusual structures in the "enchanted woods" in the central Scottish lowlands, attributed to the primeval hominid known (to me) as Scotfoot...

Posted 2/17/2020 1:04:49 PM

Checking our #1 Bigfoot Location, Prints found

Posted 2/17/2020 1:00:12 PM

Got a sighting to report?

Whatcom County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Sickly sasquatch observed by farmhand around 5am, 5 min outside Everson

I was living in Whatcom County 5 minutes from the small town of Everson, WA. I worked on a dairy farm out in Custer, WA. I had to be work at 6:00 AM to feed calves, however, I did my best to get there...

January 2017

Marion County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting, multiple witnesses, at Hopkins Prairie - Ocala National Forest

We were driving two jeeps through the forest, driving along the inner perimeter road of Hopkins Prairie. We saw a structure in the distance and wanted to know what it was. Found what appeared to be a ...

August 2017

San Jacinto County Texas (Class B) BFRO

Photographer's daylight encounter west of Coldspring in Sam Houston National Forest

I don't know if you want a report this old. I just saw a program on TV that made me think of it. It was either May or June of 2009. I was on assignment as a photographer for Texas Highways Magazin...

June 2009

Harrison County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

Fishermen describe nightime encounter at Clendening Lake near Buckeye Trail

I was at the back waters of Clendening lake near Cadiz, Ohio with my friend Cj and we heard a man-like scream. I know what coyotes, hoot owls, cows, raccoons, opossum, fox and most local animals s...

March 2012

Sarasota County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Youths have daylight sighting in wooded area of Sarasota

Me and my brother and our cousin (11, 10 & 12 years old at the time) used to frequent a neighborhood across from ours called Acorn Circle. It was a heavily wooded area that only had about three homes ...

August 1981

Tuolumne County California (Class A) BFRO

Girl has daytime sighting near Twain Harte

Around the age of 12 or 13 (I'm 34 now) I went with my parents to Sugerpine Campground in the Sonora/Twain Harte area in California. We were there for two weeks in our 21' travel trailer, and I was co...

August 1979

Lewis County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Family views large, reddish-brown animal near their home outside of Morton

During the spring of 2000, my Mom and her friend were going to town, it was in the evening when we saw it. As my Mom left she reminded me to lock up, so I went to the door to lock it. As I locked the ...

April 2000

Riverside County California (Class A) BFRO

Man remembers observing a large creature in a desert setting as he left his residence north of Palm Springs

Was going back to close shop at approx. 10PM in the northern desert above Palm Springs, CA., and saw a huge light tan colored biped with soft blowing hair .Because I was in a small VW bug with the lig...

May 1979

Siskiyou County California (Class A) BFRO

Young Native American has a short face to face encounter

I was walking north on highway 96, on the riverside of the road, approximately 3/4 of a kilometer south of the Somes Bar store. I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and when I looked acros...

August 1982

Sutter County California (Class A) BFRO

Man remembers childhood daytime sighting along the Feather River

I'm 42 now and its been a while since I decided to tell my story about what I saw that beautiful sunny day about 11:00am if you go down to the Pasquines restaurant, take rear turn-off road and keep go...

July 1965

Ogemaw County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Night Time Sighting by Motorist - South of Lupton

I was driving down rose City Road in Lupton Michigan at about, 10:10 p.m. and the road that I was driving on goes right through the lupton swamp. I seen something in the middle of the road. It was hug...

September 2007

Orange County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Man recalls his nighttime sighting of a tall hair covered biped outside Orlando

After watching several episodes of your show on Animal Planet, I decided to tell my story; I am actually getting goose bumps thinking of it. This happened in Orlando, Florida around the early 2000's, ...

January 2000