Game Warden surrounded and attacked by Sasquatch

Game Warden who came on the show a week ago was chasing a poacher and was attacked by Bigfoot. The Game Warden worked with a dog and the dog didnt mak...

Posted 9/24/2016

Bigfoot Hotspot Radio SC EP 61 Government Coverup Sasquatch Chronicles

Bigfoot Hotspot Radio SC EP 61 Government Coverup Sasquatch Chronicles Tonight we speak with a ex-police officer who was investigating a Sasquatch en...

Posted 9/20/2016

Bigfoot Crossroads Podcast - Episode 1

Matt and Jonathan introduce the show and talk about some of their own experiences that got them involved in the world of bigfoot. Matt's Site: htt...

Posted 9/20/2016

Bigfoot Hotspot Radio - SC EP:111 What was that?

One of the encounters on Sunday will be with a witness who saw one run across the road, jump and clear a 6 foot embankment. The witness and her husban...

Posted 9/20/2016

Perched upon a hillside blind...

Dead fall... really? Notice the scarring on the bark of the trees I'm sitting upon. See how they thread through the trees where they finally rest. Thi...

Posted 9/20/2016

Dogman Carrying Full Grown Deer Like a Notebook in Ohio

Dan had a Dogman encounter in Ohio and it scared him so bad he never will go camping again. The Dogman was carrying a deer with ease and the deer body...

Posted 9/20/2016

Malaysia Sasquatch Footage

Malaysia Sasquatch Footage, Malaysia Sasquatch Footage...

Posted 9/20/2016

Bigfoot Hotspot Radio - SC EP:110 Hunter shoots a Sasquatch

The listener writes ...

Posted 9/19/2016

Gamecams in 6 time Bigfoot location Summer at Monte Cristo

Three Game cams on top of Monte Cristo Mountain a Bigfoot sighting hot spot....

Posted 9/19/2016


New information has surfaced about the BIGFOOT SIGHTING NEAR PROVO AIRPORT and we wanted you to have this crucial information so you can make a logica...

Posted 9/17/2016

Game warden tells stories of Bigfoot in the National Parks, What not to do

JT is a Game warden in the North west and has encountered Sasquatch several times. The 411 missing persons cases in the national forests are true and ...

Posted 9/16/2016

Best of "CBFR" Thermal 2011-2016

The thermal camera pictures in this video are some of the Best thermal images around. Most of these are stills from 30fps video. These have been colle...

Posted 9/16/2016

Floyd County Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Young lady has a daylight sighting while at home, looking out a window near Floyd

Hi my name is Xxxxx today my 11 year old daughter saw something in our yard. She was looking out the window and saw It walking around. It turned and looked right at her. She said all she could see w...

August 2016

Baxter County Arkansas (Class A) BFRO

Two fishermen have close-up sighting while driving home at night from Norfork Lake

It was Jan of 03 in Baxter County AR. location Hwy 62 and 101 intersection. Time 2 to 3 a.m. Cold clear winter night. Coming home from fishing as we rounded the 30 mph curve right before the stop sign...

January 2003

King County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Unseen visitor unnerves 3 friends with repeated stick throwing near North Bend

Me and two other friends were up exploring this logging road near North Bend. We have herd about some weird things and encounters up there so we decided that we were gonna go see what was out there. I...

April 2016

Marinette County Wisconsin (Class A) BFRO

Motorist has dusk sighting on Hwy. 41 outside Peshtigo

I had gone up to visit a friend of mine and I was driving home. It was just getting dark. I was South, outside of Peshtigo WI. I had gone to Marinette WI for the weekend. I looked down to turned on my...

June 2004

Crawford County Arkansas (Class A) BFRO

Man recalls incident while camping as a teenager near Cedarville

I'm still wondering if I should be telling this since it's still hard for me to believe what happened while hiking an old logging road in Cedarville, Arkansas located in Crawford County. My parent's ...

September 1985

Howell County Missouri (Class A) BFRO

Woman recalls a very close encounter as a child on a farm near the Mark Twain National Forest

Many times I have tried to write about this major event in my life, but I find it difficult to tell it just like it happened. It seems as though I have missed many details. I do not like to relive the...

July 1967

White County Illinois (Class B) BFRO

Couple hears possible vocalizations a few miles outside of Carmi

My fiance and I were visiting my family for a week from New York. We went outside for a smoke, while the rest of my family was in bed asleep. We stood under a tree in the yard, talking quietly for a b...

September 1998

King County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Backpacker hears possible vocalizations and wood knocking in the Alpine Lakes wilderness near North Bend

I was backpacking alone deep in the alpine lakes and on friday August eigth 2008 things got really weird. I had stopped and set up camp at a lake and on the first day every thing was normal .I had the...

August 2008

British Columbia Canada (Class A) BFRO

Memory told of a nighttime sighting while traveling on a mountainside near Rossland

My brother, his girlfriend, myself and a friend of mine left Rossland in the early evening. Our idea being to go watch for UFO's on the top of the summits. I was 17 yrs old at the time. It was on wha...

September 1969

Grays Harbor County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime sighting by campers stopped on remote road near Wishkah

My experience happened a few years ago on a logging road between Wishkah, WA and Montesano,WA. The logging road we were on takes you out to the Wynoochie lake. A friend of mine and I were driving ...

July 2004

Rankin County Mississippi (Assumed Hoax) BFRO

Young boy watches creature eating wild grapes near Florence

During the late 1970's and early 1980's Central Mississippi experienced a series of pretty serious floods, one of which was dubbed the "Great Easter Flood" (there were even T-shirts made that boasted ...

April 1981

Caddo County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Wooded, rural, lake house scene of late night encounter

We were at my lake house where we were living for the past 3 months. We had returned to get some things that we wanted at our other house so we spent a couple of hours gathering stuff up and cleaning ...

June 2001