Bigfoot Nest?

Bigfoot Nest?

7 days ago

Paraidolia Is Fun!!

Paraidolia Is Fun!!

15 days ago

The Turkey UFO Videos

The Turkey UFO Videos

21 days ago

Bigfoot On IMAX

Bigfoot On IMAX

26 days ago

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Strafford County New Hampshire (Class B) BFRO

Dog walker reports being paralled at night along dirt road near Sunrise Lake

It was dark at the time. I was living on a road surrounded by woods. I went out to take my dog for a walk. Our driveway connected to a dirt road that ran up the side from the main rd. We walked to the...

January 2000

Dyer County Tennessee (Class A) BFRO

Sighting by motorist in thick river bottom 75 miles northeast of Memphis

I was driving on Highway 104 between Trenton Tn and Dyersburg Tn . We were headed home. There is a large wooded area as you are in Dyer county and Gibson county . I look to my left glancing at the woo...

March 2021

Steuben County New York (Class A) BFRO

Resident observes a sasquatch near homes at 2-3am on the outskirts of Bath

Visual Report: My name is Alan Y. on about Mid-November 2012 I had a very unusual experience that at first kept me very mixed up, but always stayed in my mind until I started doing research. It was...

November 2012

Bulloch County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Motorists? sighting at night 8 miles north of Statesboro

My wife and I were returning from TMT Farms Christmas display when a bigfoot crossed the road in front of us. At first I wasn't sure what I saw but my wife asked me if I saw that. It was a big creatur...

December 2019

Lewis County Washington (Class A) BFRO

A large bipedal animal seen in the headlights on hwy 12, 5 miles East of Packwood

This report is being submitted after reading the Chronical report in the paper and learning of other similar experiences. My name is S.H., at the time of the sighting I was attending WSU and had t...

November 1969

Alexander County North Carolina (Class A) BFRO

Motorist observes large hairy biped in the late afternoon near Taylorsville

Driving with family on Damascus Church Road in Alexander County I saw what appeared to be a Sasquatch. I glanced over while driving at the top of a fenced-in cow pasture and I saw it. It appeared tall...

June 2013

Humboldt County California (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting by a horseback rider, near a pond in Redwood National Park

Had been riding horses with three other friends on the six hour loop trail and stopped for lunch where the outhouse is located at the one day trail junction. We were all sitting at the picnic table ha...

January 1994

Boulder County Colorado (Class A) BFRO

Man recalls a nighttime sighting while viewing the city lights in Chataqua Park

I live in Denver, Colorado and I may have seen a bigfoot when I was in college in Boulder, Colorado several years ago. This occurred in November 1995. I was a freshman college student in Boulder, Colo...

November 1995

Jackson County Missouri (Class A) BFRO

Early morning commuter swerves to miss tall hairy figure near Grain Valley

I was driving to work very early in the morning, since I had to drive from Grain Valley, MO to Olathe, KS to work. I use the back roads to avoid the freeways. I came around a curve and a very large cr...

March 2014

Salem County New Jersey (Class A) BFRO

Night time road crossing near Woodstown

I was driving home from my girl friends house in Pennsgrove, NJ. I was between Pedrick Town and Auburn when I was approaching a stop sign I noticed something reflective by a telephone pole. I thought ...

December 2012

Oneida County Wisconsin (Class A) BFRO

Witness recalls seeing a sasquatch cross the road near Enterprise

Now that the reporting of sightings is more common place and your not considered crazy or disoriented. The sighting ocurred almost 44 years ago. I and my brother William were out driving around the ar...

August 1965

Washington County Maryland (Class A) BFRO

Woman recalls sighting near Williamsport

In the Summer of 1970, I was taking my pony and dog for a walk in the thickly wooded area where my parents had just built a new house. It was at that time a very isolated area. We had apparently distu...

January 1970