El Dorado County, California

Near Georgetown

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El Dorado County California (Class A) BFRO


i went fishing with my girlfriend at stumpy meadows last winter. we been up their about five days out of the week. early in the morning we would arrive try to get the line in the water as much as possible. the rest of the time i would be looking for gold. we mostly stuck around the dam and the spillway. my gold fever and wanting to catch a trout with my fly poll got me to wonder down along the spill way. the hole time i couldn't shake the bad filling i had well we had. it was the hair on the back of your neck being watched felling. i was at the vary bottom of the spillway in the middle of the stream standing on a rock fishing. my girlfriend was about twenty feet away panning. she said something lick lets get otta here something's watching us. i told her i was catching it for awhile now to. so we climbed out of our little spot and onto a service rode that ran along the spillway. the hole time rubbernecking left right and especially behind us .some thing was putting the creep on us and was getting closer. we were walking as fast as you could without running or looking like you were scared sh**liss .but we both knew if one or the other broke and made for the car you might be last. so we held our ground and walked as casually as could be. i informed her that something was up on the other side of the spillway the hole time we were their watching us. and it was keeping pace with us as we made our way up the steep road. the thing behind us came from down bellow us on the same side of the stream and it was following just far enough not to be seen. we would stop it would stop. im a native american from auburn, and some of my relatives live in foresthill. and ive spent many nights with my cousins hunting though hills. I've been followed by mountain cities a couple times. so i know the experience when that's the case. this was not the case sadly, if you were there you could say sadly, i would much rather a cat follow me somehow. but just in case it was a cat driving us or not. i told her to lock and load. that usually does the trick for the hiby jibys but not this time. the things present made my firearm fill like it was a rubber band and folded paper, and extra weight for when she bolted before me to the car. the last twenty feet to the car was easy. the thing had stopped about seventy feet before the car i stood watch as she loaded the car in record speed. a inflatable two man canoe four fishing poles ice chest, tackle, fit in the back set of my camero some how in thirty seconds. we pulled out of the entrance way and on to the road in the middle of the dam. it was dark by now no cars nothing all day. we got out to gather ourselves and unload and put away the pistols, while she did that i walked back towered the spillway something big and black came up and around the spillway and up the other side of the hill were the other thing was. i was about one hundred feet from were they were. i didn't feel the fear as before. in a gap between some cwaycky brush one large thing and two smaller things followed. i yelled 'hey' loudly. the things gurgled some what back at me. they kept this up as they walked up over the hill from me. it was some what like four quick gereag gereag gereag gerags, than lick two than a couple more. than they some what repeated the same sequence again. all the while walking up over the crest of the hill, into the darkness. it reminded me of a mother giving me a tongue lashing or her children one after a close call. well thats what i related it to, but what was fact is it was talking something. im not to certain on the right number of individual words there were but it definitely was in some sort of sentence structure, stopped than repeated again..

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Steve 219 days ago

There were so many silly spelling/grammar errors, one got the impression they had to be deliberate.

Sparky 217 days ago

This is just atrocious grammar and spelling. Also, do

you think a two man,inflatable canoe will fit in he back of a Camaro?

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