El Dorado County, California

Near Between Uncle Toms cabin and Georgetown

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El Dorado County California (Class B) BFRO

August 2005

After fishing small stream off Ice House Rd. and driving back on Wentworth Springs Rd. just past Stumpy Meadows campground I stopped at the overflow concrete runway on the dam. I looked to my left to the lake area that is roped off for the runway. It was just starting to get dark between 8:30pm - 8:45pm "I checked my watch after the incident." I felt the urge to put my cordless spotlite on and look to my right down the concrete runway giving it a quick glance my urge told me to look to the left into the trees, that is when I saw a pair of the biggest red eyes glowing back at me that I have ever seen. We watched each other for 2 minutes it then moved sideways and it was at this time I could see it's outline in the fading light. It was standing upright as it moved behind a tree, when it moved there was another pair of red glowing eyes but much smaller, I must rephrase and say shorter than the original outline.

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Allen F 127 days ago

This is my encounter report to Cliff Barackman back in 2005, it was actually my Dog that made me turn on the spotlite in the area that she was staring so intently at.

When it moved it stepped to its right sideways and revealed the smaller Juvenile, it was my size I’m 6-1” 265lbs.

Since this time I’ve had more experiences, one back in 2008 in Southern Utah, Pine Valley camping that night when we were going inside the tent to sleep we noticed all the Deer in our camp all Does, it was strange. I had woken up around 3am I checked my watch I always do, anyhow I got up went out of the tent left my wife and Dog still sleeping, I walked about 50-60 yards away up this incline from the campsite just taking in the cool mountain air it felt so good to be away from the heat of Las Vegas where we lived back then. After 5 or so minutes I heard movement and caught my Dog chasing one of the Doe, I stopped her made her sit by me while she was watching the other Doe in opposite direction of me looking up the incline/mountain, I had my hands behind my ears to hear better.

It was about 5 or so minutes that something moved from behind a tree on two legs moved in three steps to its left “my right” with each step it took I felt the vibration/pounding in the ground, after the third step it was behind another tree just as my Dog was whirling around to look at what she felt then did a growl grrrr bark... she did not see it but felt it... the then turned around to resume watching the deer, at that time I knew I felt the ground rumble by her response!

I’m thinking it was watching me and with my hands cupped behind my ears looking in its direction it thought I could see it that’s why it moved to a different tree...

So these days I have pics & video of more, newest one in March 2018, & more strange experiences not report worthy but I know!!!

I do not share my evidence because of all the name calling and that’s that!

“When you see one it changes your life, when you’ve seen three it fu@&; up your life!”



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