Placer County California (Class A) BFE

Family encounters two shadowy humanlike figures near old gold claim

Me my brother and family friend go very far in were no humans go an old gold claim.we spent 3 nights there on the 3rd night I awoke to my brother shooting at something across the river it was two dark...

June 2015

Placer County California (Class B) BFE

Skeptic Changed His Mind Afer Bigfoot Encounter at French Meadows Reservoir

my friends and I were camping near french meadows res in the sierra nevadas last august..... we were basicly messed with all night by something.... while it was still kinda light out I was foolin arou...

January 2013

Placer County California (Class B) BFRO

Possible sighting by family walking their dog near Auburn

ok. this story is happening right now...went out with my kids, my sister & my girlfriend to the park in auburn ca. after that we went driving through a very rich housing development to see the address...

September 2007

Placer County California (Class B) BFRO

Fisherman hears late night scream near French Meadows Reservoir

Me and my fishing buddy went camping at French Meadows reservoir to get in the last days of the season. In the campground we were alone and everything was shut down, nighttime temps were 32 and 29 the...

October 2003

Placer County California (Class A) BFRO

Three young men observe a bigfoot climb up a crevice

I was camping at the Rubicon River with a couple of friends of mine, a place where we have camped relatively regularly for the past 5 or 6 years. Normally when I am there, I see many ground squirrels...

July 2001

Placer County California (Class B) BFRO

Three people report screams near Foresthill

I was camping with my father and my brother at a little spot that we had "discovered" last year and had camped out a few times. We had arrived early in the afternoon, set up camp, I shot a can or two ...

June 2000

Placer County California (Class B) BFRO

A camper hears strange late night howls near Foresthill

Well, I've had a story to tell for quite sometime. I belong to a world war two battle reenacting club for seven years now. The place where this happened we have been going to before I joined the club....

September 1998

Placer County California (Class B) BFRO

Two fishermen have truck shaken early one morning, outside of Auburn

I went with my brother-in-law in the middle of the night, up to Alta Sierra, to sleep for a few hours, then start fishing right at dawn. We were in his flatbed truck that he used for his construction...

January 1978