Randolph County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Woman and daughter recall their close daytime encounter at their home east of Elkins

It was January 2005 and I was living in Job, WV with my daughter who was five years old at the time. I was renting the house which was a little ways from the road. It was about 3:30pm and I was walkin...

January 2005

Ohio County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

A woman has late night sighting when a motion detecting light illuminates her back porch

hello. some time back i submitted a report about strange noises i and my family had been hearing over the years. i spoke with someone on the phone from bfro about it and informed him that my father ha...

December 2004

Mineral County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Night time sighting by motorist outside the town of Keyser

So much time has elapsed since this incident, so I am not sure of exact dates and times, so those aspects will be approximations. However, I DO remember EXACTLY what I saw. It was approximately 9pm...

November 2004

Pocahontas County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalization and stalking near Spruce Flat

I live in Pocahontas county near the Monongahela National Forest. It covers pretty much all of the county. It was on a mountain named Spruce Flat. I can look out my front window and see it. I have hea...

October 2004

Preston County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Night sighting outside rural home near Bruceton Mills

My fiance B. and I just got done watching a movie, when the dogs started barking, then within 5 minutes they got really quiet, and went into their dog houses. We thought this was strange so we opened ...

October 2004

Tyler County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Woman experiences rock throwing, vocalization during walk

It was a warm June afternoon when my dog Sadie and I went for a walk back in the woods on our property. After we walked threw the woods on our property i decided to take the gravel road the mile or so...

June 2004

Pendleton County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Mother and daughter find footprints in snow near Judy Gap

My Daughter and I were enroute to Spruce Knob which is in Pendelton County WV. While traveling up a very long dirt road(we were about 6 miles off of the main road at an elavation of approximately 3500...

January 2004

Mineral County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Large creature on all-fours seen crossing US-50 near Burlington

It was Thanksgiving night of 2003 at around 11:30pm. I had taken a friend of mine home and was driving back on route 50 near Burlington, WV (that's in Mineral Co.) I came around a turn and slammed on ...

November 2003

Randolph County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Possible whoops heard in logging area outside the Monongahela National Forest

Before I say anything more I would like to say that at the time I never considered that Sasquatch were real. I considered it all to be a hoax. I am a student studying wildlife biology. The followin...

July 2003

Monongalia County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Hunter describes being paralleled along railroad tracks northeast of Morgantown

There are three encounters that I have had not in the physical or in another words I did not have a visual sighting but had heard weird behavior in the woods. To begin with I am a 40 year responsib...

May 2003

Pendleton County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Hunter experiences object throwing and vocalizations near Onego

Actually, I didn't make anything of this experience until I began watching the show on OLN "Mysterious Encounters". That's when the excitement of possibly having an encounter of my own hit me. I wa...

October 2002

Ritchie County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Logging reveals a brief sighting of a bipedal creature near Pennsboro

This took place in the late summer of 2002. I was walking the property next to mine as logging interested me in how it worked and how the land looked afterward. I'd go onto the place after the workers...

August 2002

Pendleton County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Recollection of a daytime road crossing near Upper Tract

It was on a clear day, sun shining, I was on my way to work, it was August 2002. I came around a turn and he/she came walking out of the woods, he walked up over the bank, took about 3 steps and walke...

August 2002

Ritchie County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting near rural church on Rt. 31, east of Parkersburg, near Cairo

There is a church where I attend services. We were practicing our Christmas play on the evening of November 12th 2001. It was about 8:45 p.m. when we finished practicing, when myself (age 17) and 3 ot...

November 2001

Summers County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Early morning backyard sighting by newspaper deliverer near Talcott

My son and I were delivering newspapers in the Talcott WV area. We were on a one lane road, I pulled into a driveway to deliver a paper, as I was putting it in the box, my son [23 years old] says look...

September 2001

Cabell County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

On-going encounters makes rural family cautious

I will start with what happened back in the late 1970's. My husbands uncle and a friend were frog gigging on this farm, that we have now lived on for the last 10 years. (It is my father-in-laws land, ...

June 2001

Mason County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

ATV'ers find footprints near Pt.Pleasant

We were riding our 4-wheelers in Mason Co WV, We were off of Greer Road on a friends property and stopped to get something to eat. This area we were at is not populated at all. I went over and sat on ...

January 2001

Randolph County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Family hears possible vocals on summer nights at their home near Dolly Sods Wilderness Area

I used to work as a bartender in Canaan Valley WV and lived at the base of Dolly Sods Wilderness Area. On a mid-summer night around probably 3am, I had driven home, which was about a half hour drive. ...

July 2000

Tucker County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Possible sighting by a camper near the Dolly Sods Wilderness area

I walked out onto the forst road just north of the Red Creek Campground. About 300 yards north walking down the forst road was a figure walking up the forest road. The "person" was from head to toe in...

July 2000

Fayette County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Charateristic vocalizations heard by residents at night in Fall and Winter, near Minden

I live in a very rural area in Fayette County West Virginia,the small community of Rock Lick as i was surfing your website i was excited to find actual sound recordings taken in the bordering state...

October 1999

Pendleton County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Night time visitor screams and leaves imprint near campers in West Virginia

A buddy of mine and I had wanted to hike and camp in the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia, in the Monongahela forest. Basically, it was a weekend camp, hoping to spot game and look for trout wat...

July 1999

Marion County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Series of accounts under investigation by the curators regarding reports of a large creature.

My older brother and his son decided to try and get a picture of this creature. They took their 4 wheeler back to the second field that is just behind the one it has been seen in. The waited for it to...

April 1999

McDowell County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Many tracks found and terrible screams heard

A unidentifiable creature meeting the description of bigfoot has been seen in Capels, West Virginia by several different sources. Many unidentifiable tracks can be found . Terrible screams have also b...

August 1998

Pendleton County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Witness sees a large creature crossing the road

I was traveling early one morning in January, in snowy conditions, when I spotted a large, upright, dark-colored creature just off Rt.55. Very tall, fuzzy looking, with primate features, similar to an...

January 1998

Nicholas County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Two hunters hear strange sounds similar to a woman screaming

In the early morning hours of December 1st, 1997, I was hunting with my son when I heard some weird sounds coming from a nearby gully. The sounds observed were similar to that of a woman screaming, fo...

December 1997