Emanuel County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Teenage girl startles a gorilla-like animal while walking home in the dark north of Swainsboro

I was walking home from my boyfriend's house about an hour after dusk when I heard a very loud, very deep breath. I felt the vibration under my feet when it moved. I had startled it. I looked and saw ...

September 2006

Lanier County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Man describes his father's sighting near Lakeland

It was 2:35 in the morning on July 26, 2006. I recieved a call from my dad which alone is very unusual to say the least. He started by saying "you are not going to believe what i just saw". He said he...

July 2006

Paulding County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Possible sighting, vocalizations, stalking, etc., near Sweetwater Creek

I have lived on this land for a decade. I have always kept dogs in a fenced in yard that borders the wooded area of the property. At just after 1:30 am I awoke to my dogs barking in a very agressive m...

June 2006

Paulding County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Public service officer hears unidentifiable screams and grunts near Hiram


June 2006

Paulding County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime sighting by motorists outside Hiram

We live about a mile from Austin Bridge Road in Paulding County, Georgia. We believe we may have seen whatever it is was seen in your Report # 14887. We were going to drive out to Hiram for dinner in ...

June 2006

White County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Vacationer hears possible vocalizations late at night southeast of Helen

It was about 11pm and we just laid down to sleep. We were staying in a cabin that we had rented for the weekend. I heard this high pitched horrific scream/howl. It was close. It was not some faint, di...

November 2005

Floyd County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Backyard nighttime sighting in a village outside Rome

My mother one night heard a whistle sound about 2am. So we went out to see if somebody was out back. We had a pool deck that was a good 8ft. off the ground. When I stepped up on the step something cam...

October 2005

Floyd County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Cyclist hears loud wood knocks in Chattahoochee National Forrest

About two years ago I was riding my bicycle with a friend of mine out in a rural area. Just out side of Calhoun, and just barely over the county line in to Walker County. I heard what sounded like hea...

August 2005

Union County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Vocalization heard at close range on Appalachian Trail (Gooch Mountain Shelter)

I was hiking the Appalachian Trail in July of 2005 and I stopped to spend the night at the Gooch Mountain shelter. There was a hiker there at 16:00 but he left around 18:00 to get in a few more miles....

July 2005

Murray County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Camper reports possible knocks in daylight near Conasauga River

Three years ago I was up in the Cohutta Wilderness in N Georgia doing some hiking and fishing by myself. I set up camp at the remnants of an old logging camp, basically just a clearing. It was right n...

April 2005

Butts County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Scary encounters outside a rural home near Jackson

I am about to graduate with a BS in Biology, and want that noted. The incidents began in the fall of 2004. It started out as hearing strange howling sounds in the evening. I never heard the vocalizati...

October 2004

White County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Witness watches tall biped cross her backyard

I was sitting on my couch watching tv with my small dogs around me. My male Yorkie saw it when I did out our back door. It was sitll daylight. I thought it was a man at first, but it was too large, to...

October 2004

Upson County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Possible howls heard near Thomaston

A relative recently built a house in a slighty remote southern area of Upson County. The property of about 50 acres has a small lake which has been there for about 30 years. A few miles south is lots ...

July 2004

Paulding County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

LEO recalls his daylight sighting as a youth with his horses NW of Atlanta

I lived in Burnt Hickory Estates off of Hwy 61 in a 2 story house with my mother, sister, step-father. We had over 125 acres in the back yard nothing but woods. The woods were covered in trees and lit...

May 2004

Emanuel County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Multiple witness sighting on Hwy. 16 near the Emanuel/Candler county line

I am mainly submitting this report to see if any one else has recently submitted a report in this location for the same date. On Thursday April 1st at around 9:00 a.m. myself wife and two sons were on...

April 2004

Liberty County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Encounter by a squad on maneuvers while training at Fort Stewart

I was in military stationed Ft. Stewart Ga we were conducting wargames my squad was moving through the woods when we started to hear a very low growl then a hi pitched scream as soon as we came out ...

January 2004

Coweta County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting by hunter along powerline route near Newnan

I was 19 years old at the time. My family and myself dont ever talk about what happened. It happened one evening in the woods in mid November of 2003. My grandfather owns about 4,000 acres in Coweta C...

November 2003

Cherokee County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalizations, etc., heard near Canton

Date: October 2003. Place: Cherokee County, Georgia Conditions: Clear, Crisp Weekday Morning I live in Cheokee County, Georgia in a semi-rural area of small horse farms and subdivisions. My ususal ...

October 2003

Walker County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Deer hunter hears strange screams and possible stalking near Pigeon Mountain

Hi me and my friend have been hearing some weird stuff while we are hunting. My friend heard the sonds first. Then I heard them the next evening right before dark. The sounds sound like something scre...

October 2003

Atkinson County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Witness and family hear Mississippi type howl from wooded area near home

I was playing paint ball with my son, and some kids he was freinds with, about summertime 2003. I had taken the youngest child(about 6) with me, and the other kids(mostly late teens) were looking for ...

August 2003

Brooks County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Early morning sighting of large, upright animal on rural bridge in Southern Georgia

Last December in Brooks County Georgia in the early hours of the morning I was driving home to Florida on Clyattville Road. I was approaching the longest bridge between ROCKY FORD ROAD & Rt 53, I saw ...

December 2001

Murray County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Campers see animal observing campsite in Cohutta Wilderness

it was autumn, and 4 or 5 of us decided to go camping. we went to the chattahoochee national forest in murray county ga.we had been there many times before, and seen many kinds of wildlife bear, deer,...

October 2001

Stewart County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Two campers report seeing tall creature at Rood Park campground and boat landing by the Chattahoochee River, just south of Florence Marina

Initial report received as the associated media article linked below. Preliminary investigation by the BFRO: I talked to the reporter and called the BP Quick Stop and spoke with one of the wome...

August 2000

White County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Evening sighting by motorist on Hwy 75 near Duke's Creek

It was on thanksgiving night in 99. I was driving home from my daughters apartment in Cleveland Ga. When suddenly I thought I saw a man crossing the road on hwy. 75. I hit my brakes and realized that ...

November 1999

Gwinnett County Georgia (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalizations near Plunketts Road outside Buford

my wife,sister in law brother in law and myself were sitting in the breakfast nook overlooking the back yard.we were all talking and had just finished dinner. all of the sudden very very loud deep shr...

August 1999