Routt County Colorado (Class B) BFRO

Hunter hears loud vocalization and is nearly trampled by a spooked Elk north of Burns

We were hunting third split rifle in section 26 of Flat tops in 2005. I had not seen many Elk in area this year. I hunted an area I had seen Elk before in the early morning by myself and saw nothing. ...

November 2005

Routt County Colorado (Class B) BFRO

Possible tracks found by snowshoers near Steamboat Springs

My girlfriend (now wife) and I were snowshoing in the mountains above fish creek falls outside of steamboat springs, CO in the winter. We were off trail and decided to attempt to shortcut down the mou...

January 2004

Routt County Colorado (Class A) BFRO

Outdoorsman finds tracks in snow in Fall ; possible stalking encounter while mountain biking the following summer

1.) October 1996 after the second or third snow of the season. 2.) July 1997. 1.) Huge footprints with a couple inches of snow over them. But the stride was masive and could not be duplicated by m...

January 1996

Routt County Colorado (Class B) BFRO

Elk hunters find series of tracks in Mt. Zirkel Wilderness

At the time I was a resident of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Each elk season we would put up an elk camp about 15 miles (horseback only) northwest of Strawberry Park in the MT Zirkel wilderness area. ...

October 1978

Routt County Colorado (Class A) BFRO

Hunters have an encounter returning from hunt

After an unsuccessful days elk hunting trek of many miles around the heavy timbered area near the Rabbit Ears pass region, my Uncle Bill, Cousin Charles and myself, decided to call it a day and head b...

October 1970