Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Horse trainer hears frightening vocalizations near Shelton

January 15, 2014 approximately 5:30 pm. I had been burning yard debris on the back of our property, east of Shelton, Wa. We have a horse training facility on 6 acres backed up to a densely wooded h...

January 2014

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Possible daytime encounter by a family hiking near Lake Cushman

On Friday the 5th of November 2010, my family and I decided to go hiking near Lake Cushman. I typically go hiking alone as it gives me opportunity to gather my thoughts and enjoy the outdoors. Seeing ...

November 2010

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Campers at Lake Cushman hear possible vocalizations

Over the Labor Day weekend 2010 my girlfriend and Newfoundland dog were camping at Lake Cushman, WA at the upper Camp Cushman campsite. We had dinner, an evening walk and then to bed in our seperate t...

September 2010

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalization heard near Lake Cushman and Dow Mountain

One summer night in 2008, I was sitting on the back deck with our dog Icy at about 1 in the morning, because it was too hot to sleep. It was totally silent -- which it normally is around here at night...

August 2008

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Husband and wife hear possible vocalizations on Harstine Island

My husband and I had just arrived at our cabin on Harstine Island and were unpacking the car.I cam out of the cabin and heard what I thought was a howl at first. I stopped to listen. after the next vo...

March 2008

Mason County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Daylight encounter with two hunters south of Union (w/ cellphone photos)

This incident was originally reported to the BFRO by phone. The witness described a daylight encounter with his son while spotting for deer on private land near the Olympic Mountains. He said he and h...

November 2007

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalizations heard near Lake Cushman

My brother and I went up to the Lake Cushman area to look at a house for sale. The house was vacant and it was very quiet. We drove up to the manufactured home got out of the car and was looking into ...

October 2006

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Possible daytime sighting on Lake Cushman

I was out on the small lake fishing with a friend and we heard something big running through the water by the shore. It was not a deer or elk as it was running fast and heavy through the water. The du...

September 2006

Mason County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime sighting by motorist near Jarrel Cove State Park

Myself and my cousin were driving to Jarrel Cove on Hartstene Island for a 2 day fishing trip. We had left my apartment in Renton about 7:30pm and headed south to Highway 3 and Hartstene. We enc...

September 2005

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Hartstene Island homeowners find footprints and hear strange vocalizations

I am having a house built and I had the drain field all dug up for the septic system installation. I was walking around in the dug up area just checking things out and looking for more remains that be...

September 2003

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Two fishermen hear tree knocking and low roar

It was early November 2002. My buddy and I went fishing on Bingham Creek in the Matlock area. It was in the early afternoon. It was a snowy day, and I was kind of suprised that it was snowing so early...

November 2002

Mason County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Memory told of seeing two sasquatches by a river west of Union

About 12 years ago Carla, Cindy and myself, Brian, took a road trip to Brown creek, in Washington state. Went down a dirt road to the end where it met the river. I (Brian) went fishing going down stea...

May 2002

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Environmental Engineer hears calling and responding screams

On Monday night (actually early Tues. morning July 3, 2001) I was performing some nighttime noise monitoring at a residence outside of Shelton, Washington. I monitored from 2:30 am to 4:30 am. There a...

July 2001

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Hikers find a large track

Found a fresh footprint approximately 18" or so long, and about 8" across maybe? I have photographs and witnesses....

April 1996

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Man shares encounters of an unknown subject

actually there is several parts to my report so bare with me.First my background. I am a Mason County resident that has lived here in Shelton for most of my life.My father was a State Fire Warden sin...

February 1996

Mason County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Creature observed turning it's head and looking straight at witness

At the time of this sighting I was homeless and living in my station wagon. I always took showers at a campground on Harstine Island. At about 11:30pm I was traveling north on the Island and was doing...

October 1993

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Couple hear sounds and find footprints near Hoodsport

On August 29, !992 my husband and I found a series of five footprints in a dried up boggy area, about 1 1/2- 2 miles past Jefferson Lake in the Hamma Hamma Recreation Area in Jefferson Co., Wa. The pr...

August 1992

Mason County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Two teenage boys are approached during lakeside play

When I was 16, I was at my parents' cabin near the Olympic National Park (Lake Kokanee). My friend Sean and I went down to the rope swing which was about 200 yards down hill from the house. We had dec...

August 1992

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Boy wakes and has sighting through bedroom window in Shelton

I always wondered about this incident and I had even told my parents and a few friends about it. I even thought about submitting it onto this site but I did not bother because it happened on an island...

December 1984

Mason County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Fisherman observes large rock flung into Hamma Hamma River

The following incident may be of limited if any value because of the length of time that has elapsed since it occurred. At the time I was about 32 years of age and had heard of sasquatch or bigfoot bu...

January 1979

Mason County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Man and wife in car see a sasquatch eating frogs on the road

We were driving at fifty mph and had been dodging frogs that were on the wet sunny highway. While going around a curve in the highway we came within 50' of a Sascquatch that was stooping in the middle...

July 1960