Lemhi County Idaho (Class B) BFRO

Father and son experience "disappearing stump" on Carmen Creek Road while scouting for deer during the day outside the city of Salmon

During an evening hunting trip the two of us were driving up a fairly rough patch of road looking for deer sign, it was the last day of the season and was pretty late, around 4 pm or so. The weather w...

October 2014

Lemhi County Idaho (Class B) BFRO

Series of loud vocalizations from two sources heard in the Yellowjacket Mountains

Let me start by saying I'm a non believer in Bigfoot, but what my Uncle and I heard and smelled one camping night I can't explain. My uncle and I spent 12 years exploring the back country of Challis, ...

August 2000

Lemhi County Idaho (Class B) BFRO

Runner finds large tracks near North Fork

My experience was with my finding "tracks". I am a runner who has a cabin and property in the Salmon River mountain area off of HWY 93 on the North Fork of the Salmon on the Hughes Creek Drainage. One...

May 1996

Lemhi County Idaho (Class A) BFRO

Witness spots a seven foot tall, brown creature in his headlights

I saw an upright animal standing on the road on the north side of the Salmon River. It was after dark and I caught him in my headlights. He stood for about 10 seconds. in my headlights and then jump...

August 1995

Lemhi County Idaho (Class B) BFRO

Strange loud sounds; track discovered the following day

This incident occurred 15 years ago(1982) when I was a teenager. Initially started out hearing a loud sound, that thought at 1st was an elk bugle. My grandfather disagreed. This occurred in the eve...

January 1982