Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Family has possible encounter at Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp

We went to LeFlore County to trail ride and during the trip there my husband and I joked about the possibility of seeing one. I even went to Honobia, OK with my daughter to the Bigfoot Festival in 201...

September 2012

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Early morning sighting on US 59 near Poteau

I was driving down highway 59 from Heavener to Poteau. I turned right on co road 133 and about 100 ft onto the street on the right side of the road was a huge figure standing bout 7ft+ on the side of ...

May 2012

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting along a highway near Big Cedar

My wife and I were in Broken Bow, OK on Sun. the 18th of March 2012. We live in Arkansas about 20 miles west, but on a whim decided to take a 2 hr detour north on HWY 259 and cut across Rich Mt. Rich ...

March 2012

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Passenger sees large biped figure on a powerline trail near Octavia

On the evening of January 4, 2012, my fiance, her grandmother, and I were driving back to Broken Bow from my fiance's baby appointment in Talihina, Ok. I had just awakened from a nap-i was riding in t...

January 2012

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Couple witness a possible juvenile running on all fours in Smithville

We were on our way to a rental cabin (Cloud 9 cabins), in Smithville Oklahoma on Oct 1, 2009 on Beechton Road (dirt road) at about 4:30pm. The weather conditions were overcast, temp around 60, no rain...

October 2009

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Hikers hear possible vocalizations throughout the night near Cedar Lake

We started a trip into the Horse thief Springs Trail from Cedar Lake on Saturday afternoon at 1730. We had a late start due to drive from Texas and waking up two teenagers on a Saturday. We were in a ...

August 2008

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Daylight observation by BFRO investigator near Honobia

We were hiking up a ridge above a friends cabin. We had stopped to catch our breath and check out some stone formations. After about 10 minutes waiting for one of my friends to come back from a possib...

March 2008

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Off-duty law enforcement officers describe vocalizations, wood knocks, and rock throwning, outside the town of Heavener

Me and a long time friend were camping in the woods near Heavener, Okla by Tram Ridge Road. About 5:15pm we heard what sounded like an ape at the zoo. We sat and listened to this for about two minutes...

January 2007

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Local family reports huge tracks near Big Cedar

I was reading some of your sighting reports of other people who have had an encounter with one of these creatures. I also have seen one back in 1986 in Bowie County, Texas while deer hunting with my N...

February 2005

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

While camping, couple hears repeated strange, night time vocalizations

This was our third trip to the LeFlore county area. We were aware of the BFRO reports from this area and decided to camp,explore and just enjoy some time outside. To become more familiar with the area...

October 2004

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Turkey hunter has close encounter with bigfoot in Kiamichi Mountains

On April the 17th 2004 I was Turkey hunting in the Ouachita National Forest with my girl friend and my brother. I had crossed the creek that ran along side an old log road that headed up the mountain ...

April 2004

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Footprints found near Honobia

Having had the benefit of finding a footprint when I was 13, my interest in bigfoot has led me to privately research the subject for many years. Thanks to your website I have been able to concentrate ...

April 2004

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Small sasquatch seen in tree by hunter, near Big Cedar

Primate observed from tree stand. The animal itself was in a tree....

October 2001

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

BFRO investigator hears loud footsteps and bipedal running

The BFRO sponsored an expedition to investigate a series of reports of bigfoot related activity in Le Flore County, Oklahoma. I was part of the BFRO team undertaking the investigation. While walking d...

October 2001

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Brief sighting by a fisherman ; Tracks found ; Report from investigators.

I was fishing the creek that runs through my mother's property with a lure. I was just downstream of the fork in the creek that goes to your left as you're going downstream. My wife, children, mother,...

July 2000

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Young man has road cross encounter at dusk

As reported to Roger Roberts. The witness, age 18, observed one bigfoot "slowly jogging" across Holson Valley Road; which is two lane blacktop, west of Cedar Lake. He described the creature as "milita...

March 2000

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Strange calls and other possible bigfoot related activity experienced by investigators.

I found what was left of a black and tan coonhound after it had been shot in the head and dumped at the Honobia, OK town dump. All the soft tissue (organs/muscles/connective tissue,etc.)was gone (with...

February 2000

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime sighting by trucker near Honobia

In July of 1983 I worked for the timber company driving a one ton truck pulling a 12 hundred gallon tanker in the Honobia-Pickens area. On a trip back to our facility a very large hairy creature r...

January 2000

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

12"-14" tracks found by two friends after they felt like they were being " stalked " by something unknown while deer hunting.

I was deer hunting with a friend for whom I have known and hunted with for years. I was in my tree stand at about 9:15 am when I noticed a shape emerming from the tree's to my left, I then realized it...

November 1999

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

May/June 83/84 Oklahoma Leflore


January 1980

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

Deer kill stash discovered after bigfoot sighting

This story is as best as I can remember it, I will only use initials of persons involved, but there were several person involved at the time. You can take this story/report however you feel. In the...

October 1971