Adams County, Ohio

Near West Union

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Adams County Ohio (Class B) BFRO

June 2017

I have a small cabin built in the woods near West Union Ohio in Adams county. Spend usually each summer and fall there for a few nights each visit. On each night, we have heard howls and things/animals moving around cabin and finding our gear had been gone thru. No power and we usually sleep on the screened in porch. Never thought much of it. The last time we where there (June 2017), all heck broke loose. The first night we kept hearing things in the woods that sounded like children laughing/talking. Then at 2 am, we started hearing limbs break and pop. That was all around us. It ended after about 1 hour. The next night, at around 3 am, heard something in front of and out about 75 yards near the creek. Listened for a bit and then something let out a god awful howl and scream and ran towards us and then ran off in the woods breaking limbs. It was pitch black and didn't see whatever it was. The next morning we found numerous broken and down limbs but no prints. The canopy is thick and ground is covered with leaves/plants/moss and such. Did see a lot of trails and wore down areas all around. Found 1 huge tree snapped like a twig. We have never been back, Land and cabin is for sale now.

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M Laxhenmeyer 1769 days ago

I call BS

M Laxhenmeyer 1769 days ago

I call BS

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