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Thursday, April 18, 2019

She-Squatchers (Jen & Jena) welcome Don Sherman to THE JOURNEY Radio Show to discuss his research into Minnesota Cryptids. Don will share with us about Bigfoot, as well as lizard-like creatures the Ojibwe Natives have called "Dragons."

Donald Sherman?s Biography in relationship with Bigfoot (The Big Man)

I?m a retired 65 year old Ojibwe who was born and raised on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota. My Dad taught me deer hunting at the age of 10. I have loved the outdoors ever since. I?m an artist, singer, musician and self proclaimed cryptozoologist.

This is how I got interested in Bigfoot: My first and only visual encounter on the Rez with a Bigfoot occurred when I was in my 20s. It was in the fall and the leaves were starting to change to their fall colors, the sun was high in the morning and the sky was clear and bright blue. I was deer hunting near the edge of a very large tamarack swamp west of Ball Club, Minnesota and around 10:00 am I saw this strange reddish colored animal standing about 50 yards from me. We saw each other about the same time, I stared and I couldn?t figure what it was. It never occurred to me this could be the elusive Bigfoot. I could see long reddish brown hair and I was totally amazed how tall this animal was. I estimate this animal was around 8 ft tall. Then a strange thing happened, a loud knock came from the right of me. I looked and didn?t see anything out of the ordinary so I looked back and this strange animal was gone that fast. Was it a Bigfoot? It was not anything I have ever seen before. That?s how I got interested in searching for Bigfoot. The Ojibwe word for Bigfoot is ? Bugwaj-inini.? It means Wildman.




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Two men on horseback film a bigfoot as it retreats out of the creek bed and into the woods. The footage is referred to as the Patterson-Gimlin footage, named after the two men who obtained it

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