Hardin County, Kentucky

Near Muldraugh

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Hardin County Kentucky (Class A) BFE

January 1976

In the service Fort Knox we were Bivwackung near the KT,OH boarder on guard duty someone was messing with the food stuffs myself shined a light thought is was a bear outline was I thought a soldier in our platoon Around 66 I called out a ruck sack was being tossed around, then quiet. The next morning nap sack was ripped apart like a napkin apples all over the ground .our colors went missing ,was found 100 yards away snapped in Several places 2 inch thick solid Oak. This was in October 2 tracks found almost 17inches 6 inches wide Who would walk around bare barefoot in the fall and have a foot this big. The soldier I thought was not as Looking at the branch this man creature was easy over 7 and a half foot tall. Similar things happened two weeks later to another platoon all early morning events In 81 in NATALIYA Great Smokey mountains we have friends that generations make moon shire Location will never divulge but I physically and friend were threatened when we came between one at least 5 miles deep near s new dug spring needed for mash we had been in their tor several days and startled it . This was Massive. This one was much bigger in the chest and wider then in KT this was a brown Auburn color with hair covering most of his head with a cone type head at 5 am it was easy to see this was in June It snarled grunted and we thought we heard trees brush snapping in thd distance to our right. Well over 8ft at about 30 yards well over 5-600 lbs.I carried a 45 Colt snd my friend a 30-30 Marlin. My friend said just back up slow We got the hellout of there. I was numb with fear .I had no thought of shooting it. There is so much more , he said they seen them sometimes monthly in the spring and this goes back several generations making spirits specific waters have been ptotected. Two days later we went back with 4 of us 50 gallon barrels were thrown 40 yards down stream.and bunches of huge tracks .that is it that I know of . My friends family knows thme and their habits. I now know sign s totake notice .I have not seen anything since. Passed on all the canvas tarps without question it loowed Human. His grand dad said there young Mom keeps close for several years. The old yimrrs called them cast outs Nefls

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Allen County Kentucky (Class B) BFRO

Man tells of Grandmother's encounters with shaggy white creature near Scottsville

My late Grandparents owned a home outside of Scottsville, Kentucky for many years in Allen County. The area has always been well-known for sightings of the "monkey man" as he is called there throughou...

April 2002

Anderson County Kentucky (Class A) BFRO

Dual sighting in late afternoon by deer hunter in tree stand near Lawrenceburg

OK, let me start by saying I have always been fascinated by "Big Foot." I don't think it makes me biased because until recently I was always still skeptical but very curious. I recently had a sightin...

November 2011

Anderson County Kentucky (Class A) BFRO

Father and son have a daylight encounter while deer hunting near Lawrenceburg

The appearance of the thing was just as I have seen on tv stories and descriptions I have heard of. As far as the behavior of it, it was very shy as it appeared to not want to be seen. My son and I ha...

October 1993

Ballard County Kentucky (Class A) BFRO

Late night sighting by motorists along Highway 121

My sister and I, while traveling home through Wickliffe bottoms in Kentucky at night (apx. 2:30 am), observed a large object on the side of the road. As the headlights shined on the object and it beca...

January 1993

Jackson County Texas (Class A) BFRO

Two family members have night time encounters near Navidad

Well to begin, my uncle which lives across the street from my parents heard his dogs barking so he got a flashlight and went out in his pasture to check it out. He shined his flashlight to an old vehi...

September 2000

Snohomish County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Bigfoot crosses road in front of two teens going to school

My niece was living with us at the time of the sighting. She was a senior in high school. Our house is about 6 miles out of town and in 1987 when the incident occurred, it was very rural, though now i...

March 1987

Tom Green County Texas (Class A) BFRO

Horse rider has daytime encounter near San Angelo.

It has been a very long time but I just can't seem to forget that day. Let me start by saying that I knew the area fairly well - I used the riding trails as relaxation for my horse. I would ride i...

October 1986

Deschutes County Oregon (Class A) BFRO

Witnesss saw a large, light reddish brown, hairy man standing in the road shielding it's eyes from the headlights of her car

The thing that canvinced me to come forward with this information after all this time is that what I saw was light colored. Any one I told about it at the times made fun of me because they said they w...

January 1980

Adams County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime sighting by mother and son in Lynx, near West Union

The sighting occured around l0 pm at night, we live in a very rural area of Adams County, Ohio, we have a house on 60 very wooded acres. My wife was sitting a watching TV, as were we all, we have ...

December 1998

Snohomish County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Man recalls seeing a huge, hair-covered biped standing beside the road at night near Snohomish

It was late at night but the moon was very bright. My mother had come to pick me up from the Monroe McDonald's as I could not drive yet. We were way up 171st when on the side of the road standing next...

January 1986

Monroe County Tennessee (Class A) BFRO

Fly fisherman recalls daylight sighting of a shaggy light haired creature on all-fours in the Cherokee National Forest

I was 15 years old. A friend and I were hiking down a trail in Cherokee National forest. We were headed to Slick rock creek to do some fly fishing. I was slightly ahead of my buddy on the trail. About...

March 1987

Fulton County Arkansas (Class A) BFRO

Man has a close daytime encounter with a probable Bigfoot family outside Hardy


January 2008