Logan County, Oklahoma

Near Guthrie

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Logan County Oklahoma (Class B) BFRO

May 2003

My wife, daughter, son, and I were fishing at a lake near Guthrie Oklahoma. It was the end of May and we decided to do some night fishing but arrived well before dark. We got our poles in the water and were enjoying being outdoors when some doves started calling back and forth. Our daughter began imitating the calls and did a fairly good job of it. As it began to get dark, I attempted to light my old Coleman lantern but couldn't get it to generate so we packed up and moved over closer to the boat ramp where there was some light from a street lamp. Once it was dark, the noise from the frogs and insects was loud enough for us to comment about. A couple of owls also began hooting back and forth and our daughter began imitating them too. This went on for some time until one of the owls flew right in front of us - close enough to see it in what little light we had. Almost as soon as the owl was past there was in incredible roar from the direction the owl came from. It was so loud and forceful that I felt it vibrate in my chest. It lasted about 5 seconds and then it became dead silent. No frogs, no bugs, nothing except my wife and daughter looking at me and asking, What the hell was that? It took a bit but the frogs and bugs slowly began their chorus again. I spent 21 years in the military and never in my travels heard anything like this. What ever made this noise had to be huge and it sounded angry. I spent time in Central America and have heard Howler monkeys at close range. They are loud but never did one rattle my chest. We stayed a few minutes longer and then packed up and went home. I've spent a lot of time outdoors in various parts of the world and have very seldom felt uneasy - this rattled me a bit. Our son had gone to the vehicle and fell asleep about 45 min earlier and didn't wake up for this.

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Logan County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

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