Woodson County, Kansas

Near neosho falls

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Woodson County Kansas (Class A) BFRO

April 2017

One night while fishing with 2 friends on a creek outside town, it was nearing 11:00 pm. pitch black night. Fish were biting decent. But to pass the boredom my one friend found 2 sticks laying on the bridge. In a humorous way he started beating them together. To join the fun I made a very odd whoop sound just for giggles. He put the sticks down and we went back to fishing. A couple minutes passed by and we heard what seemed an identical echo to the absurd noise I made. The sound was roughly half mile across a field and in a patch of timber on other side of field. I first thought it was another fishing friend playing a game with me so I made another whoop back. It was quiet for approximately 5 minutes. Then it whooped back again. To keep the fun and none the wiser I whooped back again. We waited. Then it made a whoop back. Only it was clearly out of the timber in into open field. Startled I told my friends that its on this side of the river which was just quarter mile down the creek we was fishing on. Still not sure what was talking back I whooped again. Then it proceeded to whoop back after I would wait a few minutes and be 50 yards closer every time. It oddly reminded me exactly of calling in a Spring time tom turkey. So I told my friends ill do it a couple more times but if it keeps getting closer I'm going to stop. And it kept getting closer every time it whooped. I finally told my friends it's probably 200 yards away. There is a little ditch draining into the creek between us and it so I felt safe but we were was startled enough that we packed everything we were fishing with on the bridge. We put our stuff into the buckets to leave in a hurry but we stayed on the bridge. I remember that this night we were not armed, oddly. So I told my friends if it comes closer imma reel my pole up and "whip the shit out of it" hahaha. Then right after that I got a bite on that pole. I hooked it reeled it up and got it on the bridge. It was a carp maybe 5 lbs. as all 3 of us are looking at this fish I just caught debating on keeping it or not the whoop returned. Only it was no more then 50 yards away just across the ditch from us. That was enuf for us. We put the fish back, grabbed our poles and buckets, grabbed our fish and loaded everything into my truck. We then stood by the vehicles with doors open lights on and ready for immediate escape. We stood with flash lights pointed on the only opening in the trees along the ditch. We could hear the thing walk 100+ yards up the ditch, cross over and walk back down towards us. With lights on we knew the footsteps were about to be right through our beam of light. Anxiously waiting what we saw puzzled us all together. it appeared to be the top of a head, maybe 4 inches of it. Hairy but it was whitish grey. This thing has been quiet for about 20 minutes at this point. It walked by with only showing the top of what I assume was its head. Headed to where the ditch met the creek and stopped. We could feel it staring us down, looking at us. Then out of nowhere it let out the biggest loudest cleanest whoop not 20 yards infront of us. It was down on the bank behind tall grass but we knew it was looking right at us when it did it. At the instance of the last whoop we flew into the vehicles, started them in gear and tore out of there before the starters stopped turning. We went up the road to the open field and blacktop to discuss what the hell just happened. We then went home and I told my ol lady what had happened. She was thinking we were crazy. We grabbed the gun and went back near where we were fishing, hoping to see it again. It was silent from then on. The next day me and one of my friends went back out in the daylight to see what had happened. I walked up to where we saw the head top and realized, it was a steep bank down to the ditch. Right where we saw the head top was a tree laying down. roughly 18" starting to decay but still firm. I stood on it and asked my friend, who was standing in the spot we saw it from, if he could see me. He replied "no". I stretched my hand way up as far as I can. He yelled, "I can see your fingers." I cut hedge posts for a living so I am well aware where 7' stands next to me. This thing was over 7' tall. I told my cousins about it and they didn't believe the absurd sound I made but a few days later they were fishing in the same spot we had been and they heard the sound. It came from the opposite direction where it came to us from but they instantly new I wasn't lying, and mind you I was born in Missouri and moved to Kansas and I am an avid hunter and fisherman. I have never heard anything so preposterous of a sound as that night, but it only mimicked my exact sound, which puzzles me even more.

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Racer x 147 days ago


Jason indorf 147 days ago

I fish There all the time crazy it’s pretty far out

Estevan 111 days ago

Wow, think you guys blew a unique opportunity, big-time! That is was a curious, almost friendly encounter, that rarely didn't go bad. 1stly it still ongoingly responded though likely realized your call wasn't a co~species. 2ndly it was thoughtful enough to replicate your' poor~call to make you feel comfortable & unafraid, and not discourage you ceasing. 3rdly it both approached & followed @ a moderate, so not to startle or scare you off. 4thly when you arrived to your vehicle, & its' having distinct visual on you & your vehicle/lights, yet remained on standby, supports its' initially knowing you were something other than co-species, if it had been faked out, when it realized otherwise, it would have immediately took off or got pissed. 4thly inaddition to standby acceptance of you as non-co-species, it made a last-ditch, non-aggressive, repeat~call-effort, to continue & establish, communications w/you. 5thly, you observed its' crown as whitish &/or lite-gray. Likely indicative as being older, and also likely being wiser, & possibly more docile. Despite ALL these, ... you decided to abandon, ... it sounds like it had all the makings of what may have been a Amazingly Rare encounter, unlike most others. Heck, you'd probably famously gotten financially backed by now, w/Your Own investigative show !

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