Ulster County, New York

Near City: Kingston. Town: Port Ewen

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Ulster County New York (Class B) BFRO

June 2018

Myself and my soon to be fianc' were having a bonfire on her 87 acre beef farm and we were playing Native American music when we both heard tree knocks and vocal 'whoops' coming from in front and behind us......we both feel very strongly that we do have a squatch on this property not 1 but possibly 3 She had an encounter when she was a much younger girl here on the farm and heard stories from her father about staying away from the back field at night.....there's a lotta history here on this farm and as it is one of the last real farms left here in upstate New York Update: As I'm typing this at July 3 10:22am I just heard a very large tree knock followed by a sound of a crashing tree!!!

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Coy Whitehead jr 31 days ago

I have had treeknocks, and strange noises at my mini farm in Adam's county Ohio. I found the footprint of a juvenile sasquatch in my creek. Yes, they are real. Join my Facebook group called, southern Ohio Adam's county bigfoot research group. I will let you in. Good squatching out there..

cosmo 30 days ago

last real farms in Upstate NY? Cant take anything else seriously if they say that

New York has nearly 7.2 million acres of farmland, accounting for about one-quarter of the State's land area. Of New York's total farmland, about 60 percent is cropland, 24 percent is woodland, and 10 percent is pastureland.

Jerry Trip 28 days ago

Your not far from the Appalachian trail and as per"BFRO" they use it as a highway! You may be in a "hot spot"! A T.V.show a few years ago had footage of a family's outing in your area and didn't notice at first but in the background they had what appeared a large animal with a smaller one that jumped into a tree inconclusive but the animal had long arms? Rhinebeck NY a young female caught on camera that picture is posted on the internet. One more tidbit Washington County NY is only two hrs.away from you and that is known "HOT SPOT"!!

Lee Browning 24 days ago

You should have had them over for dinner!

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Ulster County New York (Class B) BFRO

Video footage shot at dusk shows a primate in a tree in the background

Original submission from Doug Pridgen. I have a tape you may want to see. It's that of a few friends drinking around a camp fire up state New York. The tape was shot in 1997 and not looked at u...

May 1997

Ulster County New York (Class A) BFRO

Ulster County, 1985 Winter Hike Leads to Encounter with Large Bipedal Creature

It was in the afternoon on a snowy winter day.1985. My friend and I decided to go for a winter drive(which was very common for me when it snows).We ended up at the entrance to "Ice Cave Mountain". Of ...

December 1985

Panola County Texas (Class B) BFRO

Hunting party loses bagged deer to unknown predator.

I am a 42 year old computer systems administrator who lives in East Texas on my 133 acre farm with my wife and two teenage children. Although I was born in the big city, I have spent the majority of m...

November 1992

Tucker County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Hunter has close sighting of a primate-like creature in the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge

I was hunting West Virginia's late antler-less deer season in the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge when the sighting occurred. I had gotten to the area shortly after 3:00pm that evening, and aft...

December 2008

Harrison County Texas (Class A) BFRO

Ongoing encounters with a bigfoot on family property at Caddo Lake

In 1988 my wife, fianc'e at the time, and I were visiting my grandmother who was in her mid eighties at that time. She was living on some property that has been owned by my family for over half a cent...

December 1989

Jefferson County Oregon (Class A) BFRO

Three guests at Suttle Lake Resort get long look at three sasquatches

This sighting took place while I was on a fishing trip with my girlfriend, another couple, and their mom. My friends were staying at the resort cabins at one of my favorite fall fishing lakes. By ...

October 2002

Monroe County Florida (Class B) BFRO

Family has a strange and terrifying encounter while fishing in the Everglades National Park

I've thought about posting my experience here for awhile, but since I was so young, I have faded memories of the event. Therefore, I wasn't sure it would be so useful. However, after looking at the BF...

January 1976

Humboldt County Iowa (Class A) BFRO

More sightings of a strange creature centering around the town of Ottosen. Other stories told about strange sounds, footprints and animal mutilatations.

Iowa Flap Continues From newspaper account: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the Register; September 24, 1978 REPORTS OF HAIRY BEAST...

September 1978

Stark County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Ron Schaffner case report: The 1978 Minerva Flap

INVESTIGATORS: Ron Schaffner (Ron@bfro.net), Earl Jones, Jim Carnes Jim Rastetter, Iona Boyce, Barbara Mudrak,(Akron Beacon-Journal) and James Shannon (Stark County Deputy Sheriff) CASE DATA: All o...

August 1978

Sussex County New Jersey (Class B) BFRO

Teens have scary encounter in abandoned creamery near Sussex

Back east when I was about 14 around 1976 a buddy of mine and my self went out shooting our bb guns and we came across this old board up Carnation creamery. We being kids we broke in to this place it ...

December 1977