Clark County, Arkansas

Near Biern, AR., southwest of Gurdon,AR.

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Clark County Arkansas (Class A) BFRO

April 1984

In the spring of 1984, I had been working with for the (undisclosed) in Arkadelphia, AR. That particular day we had to paint some boundry line around an area near Biern, AR, just southwest of Gurdon, AR. It was in the afternoon and I had already finished "brushing" out the line for the others to paint the dots on the tree. I knew of an old black man that lived in a little shack not far from there. He ALWAYS had an old loggers helmet on, carried an ole filled 22, and only wore blue overalls and a white shirt. After I had finished, I made my way back to the truck which was on a road that was near the railroad tracks. These tracks went through the middle of Biern. As you pull into Biern from hwy 67, you cross these tracks and then turn right for approx. 2 miles. The road then T's and can go to the right to cross the tracks again. In 1984, the road only went about another 1\4 mile before turning back to the right back to 67. Our truck was parked on that last turn that goes back to hwy 67. I had made my way onto the tracks to wait for the others. I wasn't quite a 1\4 mile from where the road crosses over the tracks. The signs that let you know of the tracks are maybe 8 ft. high. When I noticed something on the tracks at that cross-over, I noticed that it "appeared" to be another foot taller. That could have been an optical illusion at that distance. I noticed that I could not see the silver hard hat that the old man always wore, or the white shirt, or the gun. This thing, what ever it might have been stopped on the trakcs and turned. But when it turned, it had to turn the whole upper torso as though it had a stiff neck. It was mostly dark in color, it did have some lighter spots on it. It appeared to take a step towards me when another logging companies truck gun it's motor and startled the creature. It seemed to notice this, turn and take two steps to get into the woods. If you have ever been down the tracks of the railroad, you know that it would be impossible for a normal man to make that kind of distance in only two steps. You have to take into consideration that I was only 18 at the time and still had a pretty vivid imagination. Even with the evidence I had at that time, I questioned what I might have really seen. It wasn't until later that I found out that there have been many sightings of some creature in that part of the woods. A buddy of mine told me that his grandmother lived in that area and had trouble from a two legged creature getting into her garbage at night. He said that there was only one time that the creature came up on her back porch and look into her window. She said that it looked somewhat like a monkey. She never admitted that she was scared because it never threatened her in any way. This story sort of validated mine. This is not the only time that I have seen a creature out int woods. This occurence happened about 20 to 30 miles away from this. I will try to tell it later.

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