Franklin County, Alabama

Near Russellville

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Franklin County Alabama (Class A) BFRO

December 2002;2006

Either December 25 or 26, 2002. Franklin County Alabama Pine Forest/Hardwood Forest/Open field Between 4:00 and 5:00pm. I was hunting along a fenceline late that afternoon when some deer came running out of a pine thicket, down the netwire fence row, and jumped over to where I was. I was roughly 75ft from the fence when this occurred. My jack russell dog saw them and took aften them. He often follows me hunting as this place is next to my house. After chasing them for about 10 mins he comes back towards me when he suddenly stops, looks towards the pine thicket, lets out a weird yelp and takes off towards the house visibly something wrong. I stood there and heard a noise and the deer that had ran by came back by as if something had spooked them again. As they came back up the hill I heard what appeared to be a large animal coming from the thicket. I thought it was another deer that had separated from the herd and was coming back to join up. As I watched something on two legs appea...

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