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Lewis County Washington (Class A) BFRO


I lived in Chehalis Washington on Senn Road across from Warehouser land. I had 2 close contact experiences as a child there. The fist one happened when I was 11. My grandparents were visiting and had their camper parked next to our house. My brother and sisters were out with them playing cards, my mom and dad were in their bed room and I was playing the piano in the living room. Behind me is a LARGE picture window looking out onto a neighbors field and beyond that is Warehouser land. As I was playing with my back turned to the window. I had a "Someones watching me feeling" I turned around and there, approximately 10 feet in front of me,watching me play piano, is this hairy creature. He was taller than the picture window because he was bending to see in. His arms were long, his eyes were reddish brown as was his hair. It became darker on his main body, but was lighter on his face and chest area. His upper body was pretty buff. It took me a while to scream as I was frozen in fear for a bit but when I did finally scream he took off. My dad ran out and saw the back of it running away. my grandparents and sisters in brother saw it run by the camper and then dad saw it run through our field to the creek.So that's 6 people that saw it. I of course, having the closest encounter. The second sighting at the same house. My best friend was staying the night and I had made my bedroom in the back of the truck with the topper on it. (It was Summer) The truck was parked a little away from our house by the barn. We were both in bed talking and suddenly the light from the house was blocked out. I saw a face in the topper side window looking at us. At first I thought it was one of my siblings but as my eyes adjusted to the light change I realized it was the hairy face I had seen in the picture window months before. I then froze and whispered to my friend also not to move. It watched for what seemed like an eternity. Maybe waiting for us to move,which we didn't! Then it moved towards the open back gate window, to our Horror. I thought it was coming to get us,but it never showed up back there. When we got up the courage to get out and go to my house. We told everyone what had happened. They had all been together watching a movie. No one there had been away from the rest.Those are my 2 accounts. I'd like to add that there was intelligence in the eyes and some sort of non verbal communication..

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Lewis County Washington (Class A) BFRO

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