Klickitat County, Washington

Near Lyle

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Klickitat County Washington (Class A) BFRO

April 1991

8 years ago my father and I were turkey hunting in Klickatat County Washington. About 25 minutes prior to dark we were both watching a the edge of a clearing next to an old homestead site. There were no houses or dwellings within about 5 miles at that time, just south of Mt Adams wilderness. As we called with a turkey gobble lacator call an image of what I thought was another hunter, stepped out of the timber approximately 200 yards away. The figure was sneaking towards us, thinking this was a hunter trying to get a late shot at a Gobbler my father stood up and gestured to the "Hunter" with a wave, and in a low voice said have you seen anything today. The shape, which now was about 100 yards away bolted down the slope away from us just inside the tree line. Both of us looked at each other in dissmay as the figure dissapeared into the dark timber. We both walked down to the area that the figure had been standing, thinking that maybe we were tresspassing on private land connected to USFS land and the guy was running back somewhere to get help and run us off. As we arrived where the figurer was standing I already found that I had missjudged the distance we walked about 350 yards to a group of scrub oak trees where the figure had been standing. The figures head was about even with limbs that were a foot or so over my head, I'm six foot tall. From our estimates the figure probably 6'6" to 7'foot tall. Thinking it was just a hermit or outdoor enthusiast we headed back for camp in the dusky light, I didn't think anything more of it. We arrived back in camp settled in for dinner and went to bed, still not thinking anything about what had happend. At about 10:30 pm we awoke to what I thought sounded like a fire alarm some distance away at, you know something like what is used to get volunteer fire fighters to come to the station, but in the direction of the clearing not any berg or town. I have spent all my life in the woods and have been a avid outdoorsman racking up alot of hiking miles in the Olympics, the Cascades and the Rockies, but I have never had an experience such as the likes of this one. I have told very few people this story and my father still says it makes his skin crawl to think of it. TO this day we still hunt in the same local area but the houses have grown in and so has civilization. I stumbled across this site the other day and searched the sounds available none of them sound like the one we heard. It was more of a siren or horn that lasted longer than I can holler..

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Mally 99 days ago

They are spirits an they shipshaft too ,why nobody will ever catch one or shot one ,an never ,never upset them cause they can cause you extream harm without being near you ,but they can also be a blessing to see them cause its not for you can see them ,you do because they allow it

michael greene 98 days ago

Mally needs several things; First, go back to school and learn grammar and spelling.

Second.. Please share with us where you got all this ridiculous information because without some corroboration you sound like an illiterate nut case

Alison 98 days ago

bigfoots imitate all kinds of sounds. one woman in n carolina who wrote "100 bigfoot nights" online maybe 7 yrs ago said they had them in the woods close-by behind their house. they would imitate motorcycles, dogs, police sirens, anything at all they had heard...and especially I've learned owls.

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