Clark County, Washington

Near Yacolt

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Clark County Washington (Class A) BFRO

June 1989

Mrs. Brenda G., washing the dinner dishes, looking out over her backyard, past the horse corral with its pony and off into the distance, notices that suddenly the horse becomes unruly and seems close to panic, while an indistinct figure passes through the trees behind the corral. She calls to Nick: "Nick, there are some kids out there trying to tease the horse" and steps out the kitchen back door with a BB-gun in her hands for good measure. Nick races out past her and some distance down the overgrown meadow along the stand of trees, where he comes abruptly face to face with a sasquatch standing on the indistinct foot path. Nick comes to such a "screeching halt" that he slides on moist vegetation and sits down on the ground. For reassurance he throws a backward look to his mother who, however, has returned to the house. When he looks back at the sasquatch, it is already walking with long strides across the brush and wildflower covered meadow, "lifting up his feet more than people do". As Nick scrambles to get up, a branch snaps and the sasquatch turns to look at him "with big eyes". Nick runs back into the house, tearing the screen door off its hinges in the process, to tell his mother about the creature and to change into boots from his slippery loafers. Then he charges back out, taking a large army bayonet from over the fireplace for protection, with Brenda close behind. Their two dogs have retreated under the house. As he runs down through the same meadow, the sasquatch is still walking about there, retreats downhill, crosses a small creek and stops on the far bank of the creek under a fir tree to face his pursuers, his entire body bathed in sunlight and visible from head to toe. Nick stops about 30' away, his mother stands about 15' behind him. This silent tableau holds its place for what seems an extraordinarily long time, perhaps 5 minutes, although Nick's and Brenda's estimates, colored by the adrenaline of the encounter, range as high as 20 minutes. Whatever length of time passes, it gives Nick and Brenda the opportunity for detailed inspection of the sasquatch. They describe it as being 6'6" tall (as measured against a branchlet that barely touched the crown of its head), covered with black-gray fur and golden brown patches on its shoulders and chest. The hair is 4"-5" long and dirty with burrs in it. The head is notable for its pronounced brow ridge and deep set eyes, that are "less open than human eyes" [facing into the sun]. It has a wide and stumpy nose, the hairiness under the nose getting thicker, hiding the jaw line. It has impressively wide shoulders ("Man, they were this wide!", Nick holds his hands far apart in retelling), heavy arms, wide hands with thick fingers and dark brown and rough palms. Its nails have a deep yellow "nicotine-stained" color. Its torso narrows somewhat to the waist, no genitals are visible in the fur, and it has "sort of a small butt for a man", according to Brenda's astute assessment. Both observers perceive the animal as a male. Neither of them detects any smell. In due time Brenda gets the "willies" and anxiously screams to Nick to break it off. Thereupon the sasquatch screams, takes a step across the creek toward them, while holding its arms out to the side by about 45 degrees, as if to herd them on their way. They run halfway up the hill to the house, when Nick feels compelled to give it one more look. He is rewarded by a repeat of the faintly aggressive display. They continue to the house, Brenda scooping up John from the lawn, who says: "Mommy, there is a big monkey in our backyard". Brenda climbs up on the low garage roof and watches the sasquatch walk away. The dogs stay under the house for a safe two hours and will not let themselves be coaxed out, even by having meat waved at them. The horse has substantial abrasions on its fetlocks from having gotten snagged on a rope in its panic. Brenda phones 911, but hangs up before the call is answered. After some time she phones back and reports the encounter, which is duly noted in the police blotter, but not acted upon. Only an alert reporter from the Vancouver Columbian catches the brief note and looks up the family. This reporter and several Sasquatch investigators canvas the surroundings and neighbors and come up with a few additional items. Two sets of foot prints are found, 12" long and 6" long, whereupon Brenda puts a roast chicken into a high tree fork, since she wants to see the "baby". An adjacent unused meadow has a large depressed area of grass in it. A patch of thimbleberries is found on the steep hillside to have been stripped of its fruit and leaves, leaving bare canes behind. The adjacent farmer's cows, which had just been turned loose for the summer into a higher, lush meadow, come rushing back to the barn that night, something the farmer had never observed before. After about a week, little John comments casually: "The little monkey isn't coming to play anymore".

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Clark County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Man approached by Sasquatch, south of Yacolt, WA

I have often thought I saw someone run across the road while I deliver the paper. I often stopped to use the restroom in the same spot. I heard funny noises, but thought it was a bear or some other an...

August 2003

Clark County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Teenager recounts his sighting as a very young boy on his property near Yacolt

As usual for my afternoon activity, I left the house to pick thimbleberries. I was approximately fifty yards away from the house, and had been devouring berries for no more than three minutes. It was ...

August 1995

Clark County Washington (Class A) BFRO

While constructing "fort," young teenager has afternoon sighting in Amboy off Rotschy Road

I was about 13 and lived in Southern Washington in a small town called Amboy. I lived with my mother stepfather and stepbrother in a small house on about 5 acres pretty far from anyone, on Rotschy Hil...

February 1993

Clark County Washington (Class B) BFRO

Witnesses hear odd, loud vocalization while in the forest traveling on a logging road

We were out shooting clay pigeons and plinking up on a logging road. We were on the east side of the divide heading towards Lost Lake if I recall. It was in June or July of 1985. We had pissed our dad...

June 1985

Dearborn County Indiana (Class A) BFRO

Man remembers observing creature taking food while camping near Manchester

My sighting happened while camping a mile into the woods where several reports were told to me in southeastern Indiana. I saw the creature from behind and the side while it was squating down and eatin...

August 1984

Nicholas County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Daytime observation through binoculars while hunting behind a home in Summersville

On Nov. 24th 2015 I was hunting deer during FIREARM season back on the hill behind my house...I am going "bonkers" for lack of a better word, trying to process what I saw that day. I was walking up an...

November 2015

Jefferson County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Memory told of a large hairy biped approaching a family as they dumped their garbage near Waukeenah

I have been interested in this for years because in my family it was taken as fact for most of my life. The reason for this was an incident that happened in the early seventies, 1974, I believe. It ha...

January 1976

Delaware County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Man remembers seeing a large white hairy man at a cemetery outside the city of Jay

The incident that I am reporting occurred at Jumper Cemetary, Jay Oklahoma in 1979. Jumper Cemetary is located east of Jay on Hwy 20, then turn on the first dirt road to the right, and follow it to it...

September 1979

Fremont County Colorado (Class A) BFRO

Co-workers stunned by giant hairy "man-thing" walking down town street

A co-worker and I were finishing up our shift at a donut shop when the incident occurred. At about 2:45 am, I had stepped outside after seeing a speeding car go by. When I did, I heard dogs barking an...

October 1987

Geauga County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Daytime sighting in a wooded area a few miles east of Interstate 271

My story goes back to mid-August of 1980. I was around 13 years old and my best friend was 12. We had been badgering our parents for walkie-talkies for a couple years because we used to play in the wo...

August 1980

Siskiyou County California (Class A) BFRO

Daughter and Mother both observe a large dark creature in the Klamath River bottom

I grew up in Happy Camp CA in which is a small town where Bigfoot is an icon! However, I have never believe in him. On Sunday April 18th, 2010, we saw a massive "thing" walking under Independence brid...

April 2010

Murray County Georgia (Class A) BFRO

Adolescent child has early morning sighting near Chatsworth


January 2010