Wharton County, Texas

Near El Campo

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Wharton County Texas (Class A) BFRO

August 2004

I was sitting out on the porch around 10 pm on Tuesday night, August 31st. My dogs (a lab mix and a pit bull) started acting strange and growling. I heard something over to the right of our house. It was very dark over there because we have no light over there. It sounded like something heavy stepped on a piece of tin that is over there on the ground. I could not see anything because it was so dark. That's when I decided that it must be someone over there because it sounded like a heavy person had stepped on the tin. I ran into the house to get my husband. I told him that there must be someone outside. My husband got his pistol and came outside. As my husband was coming out the door, our pit bull ran inside the house very scared. Our lab mix kept staring over to the left side of the house where we have a light and my husband's trailer. We stood there on the porch for a little bit when suddenly this grayish animal that looked like an overgrown monkey jumped up on the corner of a refrigerator that was lying on the tail end of my husband's trailer just outside our chain link fence. It was stooped over and very fast. As soon as it jumped up on the fridge, it jumped off and tumped the trailer back off its blocks and made a loud banging noise. It scared us to death. My husband fired his pistol toward the ground just as it started to run off very fast. It ran off like it was going out across the road toward the lake that is across the road from us. It was on two legs and stooped over. It was grayish and had a manlike face, but its nose was flatter than a human nose. Its face had no hair. It was about 5 ft tall and was covered with gray hair. It had to be very fast to run around the front of the house the way that it did when I went in to get my husband. It was not an ugly animal, it looked groomed with lots of grayish hair. My husband called the Wharton County Sheriffs department and they sent a deputy out. He came and talked to my husband and they looked around but they didn't see anything else. I hope this thing is not dangerous because I have kids. I always thought things like this weren't real but now I know different. They are very real. After we saw what we saw, the El Campo newspaper had an article about a similar animal about 30 miles away in Matagorda County. We could not believe it.

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