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Hockley County Texas (Class A) BFRO

October 2010

My encounters with a Bigfoot creature began in October 2010. One Saturday evening around 4:00 in late afternoon I was wiping windows in the den and saw this big black hairy head peeking around a storage shed in the back of the house. This house was in the country and had farm crops all around it. There were a line of evergreen type trees planted on the east, west, and north sides of the home. The window I was cleaning faced north and the animal was past the tree barrier to the north inside the back yard. I could not estimate any size as the head was towards the middle of the building about 5 feet from the ground in estimate. When I stopped to stare, the head went back behind the shed. I waited, nothing happened so I moved to another window to the left side and began wiping there. This time the same head peeked around the corner in the same way except I saw black fingers (long) holding onto the corner of the building just lower than the head. Feeling spooked and quite alone, I thought maybe vacuuming would scare it away. I did not always get good phone reception in the house. After vacuuming I looked and saw nothing but still feeling uneasy, went ahead and called a friend to come over. I never told my friend what I saw. I had doubts and I wanted to be sure. The next time I saw this animal was through my bedroom window at night on the south side of the house. I had lace curtains on windows and it was peering at me through the glass. Hand was cupped around eyes trying to peer in. It looked as though it was squatting a bit and shoulders were hunched over. The part of the body that I saw was taking up one half of the wide window. I could only see a silhouette. The window sill is about 6 feet up and I would estimate that the creature was taller than the window because it was scrunching down to look into the window towards me. Feeling alarmed, I felt it better to act like I did not see it and turned over so I could face the closet in my bedroom and not look at it while trying to go to sleep. The next morning I called the same friend and told him about what happened. We looked around the window but saw nothing. There were several nights like this and I finally purchased some blinds to go between the lace curtains and window. The creature continued to try to spy on me while sleeping through cracks at sides of blinds at night. One morning, I felt alarmed because I heard the neighbor's dogs barking hysterically during the night after the creature left my window. I discovered a huge hand print on the hood of my car with fingers closed (4) and a thumb that was sticking out. The hand pointed towards the window. I had a security device that had a light on inside the car under driver's side. The fingers were facing toward the driver's side of the vehicle. There was also this cream colored waxy spot in the middle of the hood and it was not grackle poop. I was alarmed and looked around some more. I saw a huge footprint at back corner of driver's side of vehicle and then when I went in the direction of that print found another print for other foot across the road which is wide enough to park two cars side by side. This is where the tree line begins for the east side of the house. Those evergreen bushes are huge and dark. I had always stayed away from those bushes because any number of animals could hide there. I called my friend and he had a look at the evidence. I am not very technically inclined and did not know how to use the camera on my phone so all I have is that witness. He did not know what would make prints so big in these parts. He is a tall man with big feet and these prints were wider and a good half a foot longer than his. I think he wears a size 13 or 14 shoe. I finally saw the creature in January of 2011. One evening I was trying to get to church and I cannot remember what clued me to its presence. It was around 5:00pm. It was a cold windy day and I was running late as usual. When I realized that I was going to have to go out of my house with that creature there and be late for church, I got mad. I knew I would have to lock my door, go through the fenced side yard, go through that gate and unlock my car without that creature making contact with me. I just started screaming with frustration. I made a bee line for the exit, quickly locked the door ran over to the gate unlocked the car and got into my car. I locked my doors, started the car and backed out of the driveway. As I was going beside the side yard I looked in between the garage and house where I could see to the tree line of the west side of the house. The creature was there standing as tall as the eave of the one story house. It was black all over and hair was whipping around its body by the wind. The hair was long about 12 inches in some parts of body. The creature froze in a stiff soldier type stance with arms and hands to sides. Finger tips were easily past knees. Yellow piercing eyes were staring at me and it looked like it was trying to be invisible or blend in with the scenery which it could not. The body mass was thick but could not make out any muscle tone. Although, would say that it looked physically fit. Could not see any breasts or male genitalia because it was covering in the male area with one hand. Its mouth was o shaped. It was facing me and looked like it had been running to see me (probably see how I started that car). Anyway, I could only look briefly because I had to get to church. I had a friend follow me home that night. I did not know what it would do. I do not recall any incident after that one. I did however, feel that some nights it was in the tree line of the home watching the house.

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