Ontario, Canada

Near Kirkland Lake

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Ontario Canada (Class A) BFRO

September 1986

There are two seperate incidents I would like to report, both of wich happened many years ago in the same location but on seperate ends of my hometown in northeastern ontario. The first happend when I was only five years old and I never spoke of it until now because it wasn't until I was older that I knew and understood what I had seen. In fact, my realization prompted me to do a repot on bigfoot when I was in grade six for a public speeking contest in wich I had received several awards, going all the way to the Canadian championships for wich I took third place, however I did not make mention of this sighting for reasions of disbelief and fear that it would affect the stability of my report. It was in the summer of 1975 in the early morning hours probably around 8:30 or so. My mother and I were walking along Government Rd. between Chaput Hughes and Kirkland Lake. In the distance probably about 100 yards away for only a few seconds I seen what appeared to be a hair covered creature that was walking in an upright position along a swampy area on the west side of town. By the time I got my mother's attention the creature han vanished into the woods. The second sighting was more intense because it was after I had done the public speeking report and I knew what I was seeing and I was self educated on the subject. I actually sat and watched for about 10 min., before I was detected and the creature calmly stood and walked away. It was in late afternoon in September of 1986 while I was out rabbit hunting. I had been in the bush all day since about 7:00am. As I was inroute for home about three miles southeast of town walking along a trail that I hunted on a regular basis, I seen something out of the corner of my eye wich until I had turned my head, looked and focused my eyes in the slowly darkening brush, thought was a bear. The reason I thought it was a bear was because I was able to smell it. At the time I thought it was strange but it actually smelled worse than a bear, like ten times worse. When I realized what I was seeing I instintly crouched out of view but still in a position to view this amazing creature. It sat on the ground in a yoga style cross legged position smack dab in the middle of a blueberry patch. It was just sitting there grazing the berries with it's hands and having an afternoon snack. It seemed to be content with the surroundings it was in. It had a massive body that would probably only be comperable to Andre the Giant, maby even bigger. It was completly covered with hair except the area around it's breasts wich appeared to resemble a dark leatherly texture. The face of the creature was not masked with hair, it resembled the face of a gorilla in texture and colour but had the fearures of an early evalutionary man. As I sat there watching from about 12 yards away I had considered raising my gun and taking a shot. I opted against this because I have morals and was unshure if it was more man than it was animal, plus I didn't want to take a chance of missing or wounding it. I only had a single shot 22 bolt action and if it chose to attack in retaliation I would not have had time to reload. I watched for about 10 min. then I had to reveil myself for it was starting to get dark, and not because of bigfoot, but you do not want to be in the bush of northern ontario, even if you know where you are going, after dark. When the creature saw me it did not respond in the way I had expected. It just simply stood without the use of it's hands and calmly walked away.

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