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Okeechobee County Florida (Class B) BFRO

May 2009

I grew up on a pretty good piece of property that was backed up to a pretty good amount of acreage of swampland. My brother, dad and I always went to the back pasture where we would play in the pond which connected to the swamp. we had a pretty good dry season one year an we went back to the pond to see how bad the water had gone down and noticed very large tracks of some sort, as we were approaching the pond first thought was one of the cows had walked through but as we got closer they were human foot tracks but abnormally very large tracks. My dad had a tape measure in the truck we drove to the pond we measured the tracks an they were approximately 29 to 30 inches in length. I'm not sure how big Bigfoot tracks usually are but I've never seen anyone with feet that big. My dad said that it was people tracks but I beg to differ. I'm not sure on how wide they were but my guess was that they were around 10 inches wide. I know when you get reports like this people exaggerate some and even a lot but I'm a 1000% sure on what i saw I've never seen anymore tracks after that, Since my brothers and I are in the woods a lot hunting and I've never seen anything like it. I've heard strange noises in the woods and in the swamp that I couldn't explain or even could possibly mimic but who knows could be anything. Also this wasn't the only encounter that I've had, It was a couple years ago me and a buddy of mine always hog hunt in the woods on the back side of our neighborhood with his parents. We decided to go for a walk to a little slew we had found while hunting. We gotten about 100 to 160 yards into the tree line the moon was full so the woods came alive. As we got on to the game trail, I noticed something in the palmettos among the oak trees. I told him to stop and get down and be still that I think i see a big hog by the oak tree about 30 yards off the game trail 50 yards ahead of us. He spotted the figure by the tree and we began to watch it. The figure never moved so we stood up to keep moving. When we did it quickly stood up and quickly moved behind the tree we just froze and watched to see if whatever it was would come out of hiding. As we were watching the tree we heard something heavy footed walking around the pepper trees off to the side of us, my friend freaked out and took off running out of the tree line toward the houses. I had no choice to follow after him because I did not wanna stay to find out what it was by myself. As I turned to run I seen a tall figure through the pepper trees, I didn't stop to see what it was but it was huge and wasn't on all fours as I reached the fence. I heard a low gurgle sounding exhale come from the trees, my first thought was a bear but I have never seen or witnessed a bear in Florida. Of course they are here but I've never heard of anyone seeing a bear in the town i lived in, but it was bigger than any bear I've seen. I lived in Montana for a few months and have seen bears, monstrous black bear to be specific but i am 98% it was not a bear I'm not taking out the possibility that it was, but i couldn't see it being one..

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