Dade County, Florida

Near Naranja near Homestead fla.

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Dade County Florida (Class A) BFRO

November 1977

By the way the images captured by Jacobs are similar to what I saw near homestead Fla 30 years ago in the Naranja area off of Old dixie Highway. This creature can stand verticle and run a deer down easy. It is going to be next to impossible to capture. They run as fast as a cheeta perhaps faster. They are very curious but cautious and are easly spooked.

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Dade County Florida (Class B) BFRO

Driver spots a tall biped crossing the road just west of Miami

I was on my way home on Krome Hwy about 10:30 at night. I saw what looked like a 8.5 to 9 ft thing cross the road in about 3 steps...

November 2010

Dade County Florida (Class B) BFRO

Possible collision with vehicle outside Homestead

My parents had a full-sized house trailer in Key Largo during the 1960s and 1970s for weekends and summer vacations. At that time we lived north of Miami and would drive out SR 820 to US 27 to US 1 to...

March 1972

Dade County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Memory told of a 'Hairy Man' crossing Hwy. 27 north of Homestead

As told to the Investigator by the witness: "I was driving south on Hwy 27 in Dade county. It was after 10:00pm, but before midnight. I saw a "hairy man" crawl from the water, stand up and walk acr...

June 1975

Macoupin County Illinois (Class A) BFRO

Memory told of a sighting at dawn while deer hunting north of Hettick

It was the November deer season in Illinois 1993 I think. I was hunting some ground north of Hettick, Illinois . About sunrise I heard twigs snapping behind me to my right , I was in a tree-stand over...

November 1993

Pierce County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Young bike riders see large animal cross road


January 1974

Hartford County Connecticut (Class A) BFRO

Afternoon sighting by motorist, Wilbur Cross Parkway, approx midway between Berlin and Woodbridge

On Saturday afternoon on August 4, 2018 at approximately 2pm my boyfriend and I were driving from Berlin to Woodbridge about halfway there I was staring out the passenger side window as my boyfriend w...

August 2018

Christian County Illinois (Class A) BFRO

Father and son have daylight sighting on Illinois Rt 48 near Taylorville

My dad and I were heading for Taylorville from Morrisonville when we came over a small hill. My dad started to hyperventilate and was starring at something up ahead. I looked back up the road and ...

May 2008

Ascension Parish Louisiana (Class A) BFRO

Early evening sighting by motorist near Sorrento

I was driving home from work and it was about 7 o'clock in the evening. I had my headlights on. I live in Sorrento, La. off of Hwy. 61 (Airline Hwy) About two miles from home (driving west) on 61 I sa...

October 2000

Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana (Class A) BFRO

2 mini-bike riders chased by large bipedal creature

Twice when I was 12 years old I had an encounter. The first time my cousin and I were riding my minibike through a new subdivision just north of the manchac swamp in tangipohoa parish in Louisiana, we...

July 1981

Pasco County Florida (Class A) BFRO

creature seen in an open field by witness.

We were in an open field when we heard the creature first. It made sort of a howling/growling type of noise.We went towards the tree line where the sound came from. It was crouched down slightly and t...

June 1984

Skagit County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting by motorists near the town of Big Lake

I had taken my kids for a drive on Mother's Day, 1980, in the mountains east of Big Lake, WA. As we came around a bend in the dirt road we saw something at a distance crossing the road to head up the ...

May 1980