Alachua County, Florida

Near Gainsville, Florida

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Alachua County Florida (Class A) BFRO


I am subitting this true report for my Cousin who I am very close to and keep in touch with regularly that lives outside of Gainsville, Florida, in Ocala County. She has told me this amazing story several times before, and she is a very trustworthy person. I strongly felt that this amazing encounter of hers should be reported, and she agreed. As she told me, it was a very clear morning. My Cousin was driving her and her younger Son to town on a narrow stretch of road near Gainsville, Florida, early one morning around 7:00 AM. She may have been taking her Son to school but I cannot remember. The narrow road she was on had swamps on both sides of it and looked messy. As she was driving along all of a sudden a hairy upright creature walked right up out of the swamp on one side of the road and continued walking out in front of her car, and then it just stopped. She immediately stopped the car just a few feet away from this thing not wanting to hit it, and just stared in shock at what she and her Son were seeing. The "manlike" creature had stopped in the middle of the road and was turned around looking directly at them, and they got a very good look at the whole body of the creature. The creature walked upright like a human with a gait and looked like a "caveman," is the way she put it to me. The creature had hair all over its body except for around the eyes, nose, and mouth of its face. The most astonishing feature that she noticed though was that the creature was wearing some kind of "animal skin" for protection or something. She was in shock. This creature had to be intelligent to create and wear its own hand-made animal skin. The creature showed no aggressive behavior, and after a couple of minutes or so just casually walked back into the swamp on the other side of the road. The thing looked half human and half ape! The creature was about 7-8 feet tall as well. When she got home she told her Husband what had happened, and at first he didn't believe her. For further reference I can give you my telephone number so you can contact her in Florida. I am a true mystery writer, and just had to share this amazing story with you. I do know that these amazing creatures really do exist!.

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Alachua County Florida (Class B) BFRO

Woman finds possible footprints during morning bike ride in San Felasco Preserve northwest of Gainesville

I was riding my mountain bike in the forest. I had been climbing a while so I pulled off the trail to rest. That is when I looked down and seen these huge foot prints that appeared to be barefoot. I t...

October 2012

Alachua County Florida (Class A) BFRO

College Psychology Teacher observes Bigfoot crossing road. Animal has covering of leaves and/or palm branches

Alachua County, Florida, around 1985 We lived in the country, with thousands of wild acres around our five acre plot. While walking on our paved road in front of our house one morning, I saw a creatu...

January 1985

Alachua County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Memory told of a close encounter with a man-ape outside Gainesville

My sighting was 41 years ago at NW 21 Terr/NW 31 Ave in Gainesville Fl. Back then it was mostly woods and I was going to see a neighbor at a slow jog, looked to my right and we were both surprised. He...

January 1963

Arenac County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Bigfoot tries to hide under brush, leaves legs exposed

I was coming home from hunting and I looked down the side of a field. I then seen a big, black thing walking down the side of the field and I went back to check it out. The creature seemed to be afrai...

November 2003

Holmes County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

A group of canoers see a large, black creature along the river bank

I was on a canoe trip with a bunch of friends from school. There were five canoes, each with two people in them. We had canoed about a mile, when we came to fork in the river. According to the map, th...

July 1997

Morrow County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Three fox hunters witness a "Freak of nature bear" step over a fence and walk into a thicket.

My brother, dad and I had spent the day hunting behind our home. A ravine ran through the deep woods where we were fox hunting. The pelts brought a good price in those days. I was about 11 years old. ...

January 1978

Holmes County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Young girls have daylight sighting near their home

My brother had built a hut (fort) in the woods right at the edge of the woods by our home. That morning, my little sister (age 5) and myself (age 9) went out to the hut. It was just after daybreak. Th...

August 1976

Butler County Pennsylvania (Class A) BFRO

Campers have close encounter with large, hairy creature

I and two other friends were sitting around a camp fire late one night cooking hotdogs and talking. I began to hear leaves rustling and sticks breaking as if something was walking around in the woods ...

February 1993

Ashland County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Two high school students are chased by large unknown creature

Myself and my best friend at the time were still in high school And we were "investigating" a "supposed" haunted bridge one night. So we went out to this old rail road bridge,(the kind that you can dr...

September 1991

Le Flore County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Small sasquatch seen in tree by hunter, near Big Cedar

Primate observed from tree stand. The animal itself was in a tree....

October 2001

Humboldt County California (Class A) BFRO

wildlife biological technician sees Bigfoot while working in the woods

My neighbor is a seasonal wildlife biological technician for Redwood National Park. He has been working several seasons doing Spotted Owl surveys and is very familiar with local wildlife. One evening ...

June 2000