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Footage Bigfoot brothers steal chicken?

Posted Monday, September 12, 2022

By staff

A YouTube video has been uploaded of what's alleged to be two Bigfoots stealing chicken. Some say it could be juveniles. What do you think?
We took a few screenshots of the video and used Artificial Intelligence to deblur the images. Here's how the computer algorithm enhanced it:

There's another one in the back. His brother? It appears to be treepeeking.

We tried to enhance the face of the subject and the "chicken":

In many reports, witnesses have claimed to find evidence of possible Bigfoots raiding their chicken coops.

There's only been one known incident that we know of where someone actually captured photograph of an alleged raid. We published photos of this a few years ago from a property near the Uwharrie NF in North Carolina. In the photo, the subject appears to be a young sasquatch.

Read our report here: (Link: