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Possible juvenile Bigfoot caught on trail cam next to chicken coop near Uwharrie National Forest in N.C.

Posted Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A friend of our page sent a couple of photos to us today that show a strange creature near a chicken coop his friends property near the Uwharrie NF in North Carolina. They wish to remain anonymous but would like some input as to what this chicken-stealing creature is. There was no damage to the coop when the chickens were stolen. The creature is quite small when seen next to the chicken coop (you can see the chicken ladder behind it for scale). The owners of the home were on vacation, leaving their property largely vacant, when their trail camera captured these images:

The Uwharrie National Forest and surrounding area is a hotbed of Bigfoot activity. Witnesses have described hearing roars akin to a lion's and some have reported seeing Bigfoot chasing prey in this area. Could this be a juvenile Bigfoot? If so, this could be more evidence that Bigfoot does prey on domestic animals. This is contrary to BFRO's Matt Moneymaker's theory that Bigfoot doesn't eat cows because they are "human food". Let us know what you think in the comments.