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Bigfoot Population?

Just how many of these damn things are we dealing with?...

Posted 1/24/2019 12:38:05 AM

7 Hours of Forest Sounds: With a Chance of Bigfoot

Squatchy spot, haven't listened to any of it. Please, if you hear something cool, leave comment with timestamp below and I will update this descriptio...

Posted 1/23/2019 10:38:30 PM

Possible sasquatch scat in the catskill mountains. Livestreams to come this summer.

Hope you had breakfast first! LIVESTREAMS TO COME THIS SUMMER.. subjects include ; n.w.o. conspiracy, mandela effect, bigfoot, theology, laughter, and...

Posted 1/23/2019 8:27:45 PM

Bigfoot sighting in Idaho

Possible Bigfoot walking across open hillside (not sure what it is)...

Posted 1/23/2019 8:18:41 PM

Bigfoot Encounter Marathon_03. Five Bigfoot Encounters.

Another's true. Thank you for watching Intro Music is Guitar Stories by Stefan Netsman You can email ...

Posted 1/23/2019 8:16:07 PM

Bigfoot spotted near Manning Park, British Columbia

Video taken while hiking near Manning Park BC in early November 2018. possible Bigfoot sitting 200' above us off trail. digital video shot as well as ...

Posted 1/23/2019 8:03:41 PM

Wolf Park Bigfoot Family East Slope Grand Mesa

Bigfoot Family Near Wolf Park Hotchkiss Grand Mesa Link to original BFRO report:

Posted 1/23/2019 7:51:45 PM

Rocky area search

Sasquatch research...

Posted 1/23/2019 7:43:58 PM

New Bigfoot evidence from Ms Patty

General talk of bigfoot with new detail proving The Patterson Gimlin film is real....

Posted 1/23/2019 7:31:58 PM

Sasquatch in the Window!

This encounter is about a sasquatch looking into the kitchen window of a farmhouse in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. My name is DeeDee. I am...

Posted 1/23/2019 7:29:05 PM

Missing Man Taken By Bigfoot In Oregon! Pacwest Bigfoot

Here is great info from my friend David Boozer on a true Bigfoot encounter....

Posted 1/23/2019 7:15:15 PM

Bigfoot Terror in the Woods: Sightings and Encounters Volume 6 "The Preacher Man"

Author W.J. Sheehan's reading of "The Preacher Man" account. Like this story? Buy the book at

Posted 1/23/2019 12:20:56 AM

Got a sighting to report?

Alberta Canada (Class B) BFRO

Retired mail carrier reports sundown knocks and responses on east flank of Rockies near Calgary

I thought that I would send you a message about what happened to me last night. June19, 2018. I had decided to go out into Kananaskis country to take pictures of the setting sun behind the mountai...

June 2018

Thurston County Nebraska (Class B) BFRO

Possible daylight sighting of a Sasquatch on the Omaha Indian Reservation

I was north of Macy NE along the Missouri River, taking part in an expedition that was put on by members of the Omaha Indian tribe on the Omaha Reservation in Northeast Nebraska. Five of us had de...

May 2018

Pope County Arkansas (Class B) BFRO

Intimidation of deer hunter one mile from "Arkansas Sphinx" rock formation

howls, whoop's, either rocks banging together or wood knocks or both. there was also a terrible odor and heavy breathing outside my deer blind. breaking limbs as it was going through the woods also. h...

November 2018

Mitchell County Kansas (Class A) BFRO

Two motorists (female) report road-crossing sighting among cornfields just east Cawker, known for the 'The World's Largest Ball of Twine'

I was going to Concordia, Kansas with my sister and her husband on August 31, 2017. We were on Hwy [24 & 9] going eastbound. I did not get the mile marker. I wasn't thinking about it. Around 9:35 ...

August 2017

Geauga County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Bainbridge (Chagrin Falls) Ohio resident reports multiple sightings


March 2001

Jefferson County Pennsylvania (Class A) BFRO

Hunter recalls his observation of a dark figure crawling on a family farm near Markton

When I was fourteen, I am 39 now, I was out rabbit hunting on our farm. It was getting dark so I started walking towards home. I entered the field to head up the hill, just then I saw a very dark figu...

October 1988

Raleigh County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Multiple sightings in daylight outside Shady Spring

On September 28th, 2007, my good friend and I were driving home from a show. We were driving out of Shady Springs through my grandpa's farm, and like always, were watching for deer. This was a beautif...

September 2007

Humboldt County California (Class A) BFRO

Fisherman has a short first encounter on a damp afternoon, as a creature crosses the road in front of his vehicle

Well it has been a couple of years since it happened, but here goes. I was stationed at Beale AFB, Ca., and I would always drive around looking for the next great fishing hole. I had been driving for ...

April 2003

Midland County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Man recalls walking home from the bus stop and observing a Bigfoot taking off across a field near Midland

This was years ago and probably not significant now, I am now 60, this happened when I was 12. Myself, sister and 4 other neighbor kids had to walk about 3/4 of a mile from where the school bus droppe...

January 1967

Clarke County Alabama (Class A) BFRO

Close observation of a Sasquatch on a front porch at night near Gainestown

It was July 5th 2015 it was late about 3:30am I had fallen asleep on my cousins sofa about 10pm after a long day at our family reunion. All of a Sudden the dogs started going crazy it woke me up so I ...

July 2015

Clearfield County Pennsylvania (Class A) BFRO

Young boy observes animal chasing family horses

I was about 9 years old in the summer of 1978 and was sitting on an upper deck area of our house when several things happened at about the same time. I was sitting with my dog when he started growling...

August 1978

Humboldt County California (Class A) BFRO

Fisherman has a second encounter on a rainy afternoon, as a upright animal moves from a streambed.

Well this was just supposed to be a fishing trip to see what the area had to offer. I had been coming to this area for the past couple of months and started to learn it a little better. So I decided t...

May 2003