Strange Entity in Mississippi Leaves Witnesses in Shock

Posted Wednesday, March 08, 2023

By staff

Here's a strange encounter that defies explanation. The host interviews a witness who claims to have seen an entity in Mississippi that left her and her husband in shock. The witness, whose name is not given, explains that she and her husband were driving to Mobile, Alabama, when they saw something that they could not explain. The sighting occurred in Mississippi, about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The witness was driving when something crossed the road in front of them from east to west. The entity was about two feet above the ground and was rust-colored and grayish with a fuzzy outline. It had no head, arms, or legs and moved across the road incredibly fast. The witness said that the entity crossed the road so quickly that she had to ask her husband if he'd seen it too. He had seen it and was just as shocked as she was. The entity disappeared into a driveway on the right side of the road, near some overgrown bushes and vines. The witness said that she looked down the driveway but did not like what she saw and refused to turn around and investigate further. The witness describes the entity as a mass that moved across the road smoothly, almost flying. She said that it was substantial in size and left an impression on both her and her husband. They spent the next few hours discussing what they had seen and trying to make sense of it. The witness remembers the sun shining, the fog lifting, and the branches of the trees shining with morning dew. It was a beautiful morning that was interrupted by something that they could not explain.