Witness saw Bigfoot with profile that reminded them of "Homer Simpson"

My son and I were driving at 10mph north on Bragg Rd. to see its famous swamp gas lights, with just my parking-lights on. As we neared the end of the road, within sight of the farm-road, a large, solid-black animal came out of the woods on the east side of the road, walking slowly on two legs. It was between 7-8 feet tall, and solid-black. It looked like it had a healthy-weight, more than a human. Definitely not a black bear! It appeared trim and muscular, with it's long arms hanging down past it's knees. It's upper-profile reminded me of "Homer Simpson" (best description I can think of). The thing was about 20ft. from the front of the pick-up, causing me to come to a stop. It knew my truck was there, but it continued it's slow pace, seemingly without care. The scariest part of the encounter was when it paused and looked at us. It's eyes reflected like glowing embers when the parking lights from my truck hit it. The thing continued walking, stepping over the road-grade and continuing into the forest. I stopped my truck and I could still hear it crunching around in the woods out of sight now as it walked away. I am a retired combat veteran and I don't scare easy, but I was. We left immediately. My son only caught the tail end of the sighting but confirmed he saw something. The dirt road was well packed so I couldn't see any footprints left behind. It was very unsettling for me because it looked so human, and because it had the size and presence that it could have harmed us or done serious damage to my truck if it wanted to. I used to enjoy hiking and sleeping alone in the woods at night in my hammock, but not anymore. I know what's out there with me now in the woods! via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Monday, August 12, 2019