Bigfoot threw boulders at young adult on river

Posted Saturday, August 03, 2019

By staff

My story occurred around 1991 on the San Joaquin River in what would be the northwestern part of town. Actually in Fresno. The area is mostly farm land and some sparse woods and vineyards. nothing like foresty though. My self, my cousin and a friend had decided to go late night fishing at a little area on the river where the river sort of pools. Their is a bridge there. It was late and we were sitting there and fishing when we heard something making noise and looked back and saw a coyote running across the bridge heading north. The coyote kept looking back as it ran as if it was frightened. The coyote looked at us but it was clearly focused on something behind it and it was scared. We thought at that time that that was odd. We then heard what we thought was a splash as if someone had dove into the water behind us. It was dark so we just glanced back but of course saw nothing. We probably sat for about 10 minutes or so when suddenly there was a huge goosh and splash about 25 yards away in front of us. We stopped fishing and then tried looking into the darkness.This small boulder throwing continued at least 2 more times before we actually saw a dark figure about 40 yards away standing what looked about waist high in the river. Their was a full moon so it wasn't to dark to see that it was a pretty big creature. By this time we were starting to get scared and were pretty much froze in place and had began to yell at it, thinking that it could be a person. This prompted my friend to yell threats of violence as young people are sometime prone to do, this creature basically turned it's whole body to the right of it and grapped another boulder and with both hands over its head it threw it at us, this one landed about 15 yards away. It made no sound or noise only threw small boulders. It threw about 2 more boulders the last landing about 5 yards from us enough to splash water on our faces. By this time we had reeled in our lines and were trying to get out of there as fast as we could. We ran all the way back to the car which was through some trees across a field and up a hill. We went back the next day to the area and on rafts floated to the area where the creature had stood. My friend is about 6 foot tall and jumped in the water to see about how deep it was. The water came to his shoulders. Their was no way this was a man. We even saw some of the boulders that had been thrown at the bottom of the water as it wasn't more then 5 1/2 feet deep. Their was a sand bar and the boulders were at least 30 to 40 lbs. via (Link: