Boneyard Bigfoot Story

Posted Thursday, July 25, 2019

By staff

I was working for the US Forest Service on the Monterey Ranger District (Arroyo Seco Station). One the first things we had to do before the day began was go on a 2-mile fitness run. I don’t remember the specific day. I began my run about 8:30 am about 3/4 of the way through the run I began to fall behind the crew. I came to area known as the Abbott lakes area. I stopped to catch my breath. I then heard a noise off to my left on the hillside. The hillside was covered with oak trees, poison oak and thick brush. The side of the hill was shaded from the sun so I had really looked hard to see what was hearing. I noticed what appeared to a man walking up the hill about 20 feet in front of me. I then realized that this was to tall and to wide to be a person. It was about 8 feet tall. It stopped, turned its head and stared back at me for about 30 seconds. When it turned the whole upper body turned with head. I could not see its face because of the shade. It turned and walked up the hill. I ran back to the station knowing what I seen was not human. Later that day I was with my supervisor alone and I asked him if he ever seen anything weird near the lakes or the bone yard (trash area). He looked at me and said "oh you seen it to" he later went on to tell that other members of forest service seen it to. He states that the season prior that one employee said he seen close up and it was covered with hair. I just blew it off. A month later I was placed on the night shift with one other person. One of the things was to check the bone yard area for campers. One evening we drove into the bone yard and about 30 feet in front of us was a dark, 8-foot thing walking away from our vehicle. I did not say anything to my partner until we drove out of the area. She turned to me and said, "Did you see that?" I then asked her what the hell is it. She told me she had seen several times in past. That was the last time I seen it that season. The 1995 fire season came around and due to budget problems only 3 people were on for the season. This made me nervous because this meant I would work alone 3 days a week. I avoided the bone yard area at all cost when I worked alone. Halfway though the season a coworker and myself drove into the bone yard area to pick a picnic table. My partner had a bad habit of wanting to catch a wild turkey for pet so as we drove up he took off running after a turkey that was about 40 feet from our truck. I did not see the turkey once I got off the truck but ran in the direction that my partner was running in. As I got closer I realized that this was not a turkey we were chasing. As I got a better look at it I realized what I was looking at I only seen the upper body of it because it was walking down a slope. It had turtle shaped head and what appeared to be long tail coming from it. It moved at very fast pace away from us. I backed off, as did my partner. I took notice of noise that it made as it walked away. I lost sight of it but I could still hear it running through the brush. That was my last season at this station. I haven’t been back since. via (Link: