Wyoming Bigfoot Encounter: Primate Hairs Analyzed in 1972 Investigation

Posted Sunday, February 25, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A chilling encounter with a possible Bigfoot in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming is the focus of a video from The UnXplained Zone. The video, titled "Man's FRIGHTENING Encounter with BIGFOOT (S2) | The UnXplained | The UnXplained Zone," features naturalist John Mionczynski recounting his unsettling experience in 1972. Mionczynski was working for the US Forest Service and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department when he had a close encounter with a large, shadowy figure outside his tent. The figure had a hand with four fingers and an opposed thumb, twice the size of his own hand. Mionczynski initially thought it was a bear, but after hitting it with the back of his hand, it ran off. After reporting the incident to the Forest Service, Mionczynski was asked to investigate similar reports in the area. He interviewed about 25 people, one of whom was a young man who claimed to have shot a Bigfoot outside his cabin. The young man thought he had killed it, but it got up and ran off. Mionczynski collected hair samples left near the cabin and brought them to forensic anthropologist Walter Birkby for analysis. Birkby determined that the hairs were primate, a controversial finding as primates are not native to Wyoming. Mionczynski faced backlash from the scientific community for his involvement in the investigation, with one superior threatening to fire him if his name was ever associated with the word "Bigfoot" again. The video raises important questions about the scientific community's willingness to accept evidence that challenges their preconceived notions of the world. As Mionczynski states, "if hard evidence of Bigfoot really exists, then why are scientists so eager to dismiss it?" I encourage our readers to watch the video and draw their own conclusions. It's a fascinating account of a possible Bigfoot encounter and the controversy that can arise when evidence challenges the status quo.