10 foot Bigfoot spotted

Posted Friday, June 28, 2019

By Squatchable.com staff

Eric, his brother and two friends drove from Denver Colorado to their family's property in north Central Colorado near the Wyoming-Colorado state line to try and fill their elk hunting permits before the season expired. This property has been owned by the family for over 65 years. They arrived sometime right after it got dark, and decided to immediately make a campfire before turning in to a nearby trailer to get some sleep for the next day's hunt. After a few minutes and with the fire starting to grow larger, they heard branch breaking from a stand of trees below them in a draw. They thought it could have been an antlered elk or moose coming up as they could hear footfalls approaching. Eric described the ground on his property as consisting of granite and hard, with an almost hollow sound to it when hoofed animals (ungulates) are walking nearby. They then witnessed a large upright figure come out of the darkness as it entered the outer fringe of the firelight, around 40 feet from them. It seemed as if it suddenly noticed them and quickly crouched down, and then turned and moved off back into the darkness. Eric stated that it all took place very quickly, but was like time stood still. It left back down the rise and away from them. All four men heard it, and saw the figure come up, crouch and turn away. They all went inside the trailer after it left, and were very shaken. The guns were left inside another trailer nearby and no one wanted to go outside for a while to retrieve them. They went out that next morning to look around but found no visible tracks or sign. Eric mentioned to me an interesting observation, he thinks it was avoiding walking on the patches of icy snow that was scattered all around the area, since there was no sign. Eric described its movement as "running when it was walking." It had incredible speed as it left, and it was just walking away. Eric further describes its appearance in these details. "It looked like a giant man", a male. The shoulders were very wide, extremely wide and bulky in the chest. His estimate was 5' 6" wide in the shoulders, and its overall height was between 9' 6" - 10'. Eric said "that it wouldn’t fit through a standard doorway. According to Eric they were able to measure a branch that it had ducked under when it left that next morning to get the height estimate. Eric said that when it crouched as it came into view by the light of the campfire, it appeared to be at least as tall as his brother when it was crouched. His brother is 6'3" tall. Eric describes its hair as between 5" - 8" in length but matted and dirty like sheep’s wool, with a light coloration. When I asked for more clarification he responded a tan, or greyish white, off color, he said it was hard to tell exactly what the color was with the firelight, but it appeared to be a uniform light color. Eric reported that no unusual odors were detected with this sighting, nor were there any unusual sounds other than the heavy hollow sounding footfalls. Eric related to me that they had shared this encounter with the family for a few years now, but didn’t think to report it until after watching "Finding Bigfoot" and viewing the BFRO website. He also added that once they were talking to a neighboring property owner about their encounter, when he said that he had seen the same thing chasing deer in the open areas too. via (Link: bfro.net)