Hairy Mountain Man showed high intelligence

Posted Monday, June 24, 2019

By staff

Wilkeson, Washington: My Wife and I stopped at a view spot to enjoy one last look at the river valley below. We were stationary, enjoying the view. Then, we both perceived what looked like a tall man in a trenchcoat walking along the river bed. The trenchcoat guy in question was traveling left to right up the Carbon river bed from my point of view. I would guess 500 yards away total. 300 yards out, and 200 yards below our state of elevation. My first perception of this visual was with in one second met with confusion. I remember this objects gate was very strong making good time across a boulder garden section of riverbed. The easy going swing of the arms was so natural, so at home cruising with ease across boulders and rocks. So smooth, like walking on a sidewalk. The legs went far out to make big steps. As that first second of visual recognition happened, I noticed how there was no clue of clothes or shoes. What I originally thought was a trenchcoat quickly gave way to questions in the mind over the next micro seconds. There is no sleeve ending into hands, but a continuity of dark color all the way to the finger tips. Same thing with the feet area, no shoes! I will call this a "HE" from here on out because that's what my gut is telling me. Though a couple paragraphs in words, only 2 seconds at this point observing this creature walking up the valley river bed. About the 2 second mark I glance at my Wife and she at me who is standing directly next to me. Then we look back, and this guy is up until now been walking. Looking straight ahead of him self... Here is the cool part of the story. About the moment we look back in unison, thinking "just what IS THAT?" Thinking, not saying. He just cocks his head completely to his side and up to meet our eyes instantly! And holds my eyes in his, while he is still walking...Then He goes behind a tree line between us and that's when I say "I think its Time to Go". My wife said "Yep" and we jumped back on our bikes and blazed up the dirt road back to our car. Both of us were shaken a little. I feel that what I saw was a Hairy Mountain Man that showed high intelligence, through the fact that he some how "picked up on us" watching him... His eyes looked deep into mine for at least 2 seconds. Lots going on in that set of eyes that I remember to this day 5 years later... via (Link: