A Bigfoot Climbed This Woman's Fence

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator R. Monteith: I spoke to the witness by phone and later investigated the surrounding area several times. BFRO Investigator Marion Gant accompanied me. We found the witness and her family very credible and honest. The witness stepped outside her home and into her carport to smoke a cigarette. It had been drizzling rain on and off. Once outside, she noticed a foul pungent smell at about the same time she heard rattling from the chain link fence about 40 yards from her. She looked and saw what appeared at first to be a large man straddling the fence. The right leg was on her side and the left leg was on the other; its back was to her and it was facing the other direction. She described the right leg as very muscular and massive. Both of its hands were holding the top of the fence on either side of its body. There is a street lamp close to the fence and she could see that it wasn’t a man and that it appeared to be an ape. Immediately, it turned not just its head, but its torso to her and made eye contact. She noticed a yellow/amber shine to the eyes. Its chin was sitting on its shoulder when it had turned its body. Once it made eye contact, it swung the right leg back over the fence and dropped off the top of the fence. She heard it move away. It didn’t seem to run, but she heard branches breaking. It had 3-4 inch light brown to dark blond hair all over its body and estimates its height at about 6 feet. She said the hair was not tangled, but kept “like a dog.” It did not have hair on its face but had “man like” features. She did not notice ears and the head shape was “like ours” only bigger. She claimed its face looked startled to see her. She ran inside and woke up her daughter. They both returned outside and could still hear it in the woods. Her daughter commented that she could still smell it at that time. The witness claimed it smelled like a “wet dog that had rolled in a pig sty,” and the daughter said to us that it was “a strong, nasty, wild animal smell.” The witness also described something that ran on the other side of the fence, shaking the ground a few months earlier. This fence is 6 ft. tall, see photo:

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Posted Monday, March 11, 2019