Deer Don't Run Upright But What They Saw Was Not a Deer

A Michigan man at Huron National Forest spotted a massive creature crossing a road. At first he thought it was a deer walking on two legs. But it was too massive to be a deer. He was impressed with the speed and sheer size of the animal, which he estimated at around 9 feet tall. He said the entire encounter only lasted a few seconds. The friend who was with him was quite nervous, as he had an encounter with the same type of animal a few years before. From (Link: i had a friend who lived a few miles away. one night when he was out of town his girlfriend at the time and her daughter, called and said that their dog had a seizure and wouldn't let them out of the bedroom. she had called him and he told her to call me. i had a friend at the house at the time and we went over. by the time we got there the dog had calmed and i helped her feed him and lock him in another room. my friend and i decided to go home through the woods. we traveled up to the end of beechwood road and turned to go on hughes lake road. we turned off of that road to go to deckerville road and as we turned a corner my headlghts caught a large dark object "run" across the road. it acted as though it was trying to figure out which way we were coming from or it didn't hear us until that instant. it seemed as though it turned from us to the direction it was going into the woods and with just a few long strides it was gone. it was very large, tall and dark brown. i was sitting in an s10 blazer and was looking up at it at a distance of maybe 40 to 50 feet. it took a second for me to gather myself but i asked my friend if he saw that and he said yes. i stopped and began to backup to the spot and he asked me what the hell i was doing. i wanted to see a track or something to help explain this. i thought maybe a bear was standing trying to see where we were coming from and ran off on it's hind legs. the ground was frozen and the s10 didn't even leave tracks. bears usually drop to all fours to run and they have short front legs that don't "swing". i thought maybe a deer had been wounded and learned to run upright, but this thing was just too massive. my friend told me you know what it was, even if nobody believes it. i suppose he's right.

Posted Friday, March 08, 2019