Woman spots beautiful sasquatch in cornfield

New report submitted to the BFRO from Concordia, Kansas: We were on Hwy [24 & 9] going eastbound. I did not get the mile marker. I wasn't thinking about it. Around 9:35 pm I was telling my sister who was driving to be careful about deer running across the road cause we seen a few. Some did not even look at the truck we were in. Most were focused on the corn fields. Anyway when we got by a lake that is in the area, out of the corn field a big buff gorilla looking man hopped out on all fours, jumped from the corn field to my left in front of me and onto the left side of the road. He was on his knuckles. His head was like tucked in and he was big and quick and agile. He took an other jump and cleared the road moving left toward the edge of a cornfield. He stood when he got to the other side of the road. When he stood up my sister said "What was that?" I told her that was a bigfoot. I looked to the side. She wanted to stop. I said no sis we don't have a gun and we're women. Who knows what it would do. When he stood up he was at least 1 foot higher than the corn which had to be about 8 feet plus. When he stood up on the side of the road I could only see his outline cause the moon was not that full yet, almost though. I got a scared yet amazed feeling. I had rocks thrown at me before in Colorado but never seen them. To my eyes he was beautiful -- strong, had big legs, like a dark grey feet with black around his ankles and dark dark brown with hues of reddish at the tips of his hair. I could see muscle def in his body. His arms had to be at least 24 inches round or bigger cause he was big not skinny at the waist. Big legs to his ankles and his arms were bigger than most body builders. The only thing that I got out of that experience was when how tall he was. The body gesture was he seen us and I told my sister just leave him be. You know that was one of the most coolest thing I ever saw. He is real and as long it doesn't bug me I wont bug it. via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Tuesday, January 15, 2019