This "dogman" photograph was taken by a driver in Wisconsin

Posted Friday, December 28, 2018

By staff

Elkhorn, Wisconsin is known for the legendary Beast of Bray Road -- a hairy wolf-like creature that walks on two legs. Earlier this year, a driver spotted "saw something crazy – a wolf…running across the road on two legs. This was just a few days before the “super blue blood moon” of January 31st." Danny Morgan, the witness, apparently sent the photograph to different outlets sharing his story. WTMJ 4 received an email from Morgan stating: A wolf that “ran across the street almost like a man.” That’s what Danny Morgan said was the “craziest thing I’ve ever seen” in an e-mail to WTMJ sister station TODAY’S TMJ4. Morgan shared that photo which he says was taken on Townline Road in Elkhorn. He said he “saw a wolf come cross a corn field and it got up upon its hind legs.” In an email to the National Cryptid Society, Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters wrote: “I talked to the witness (Danny Morgan). From what I can tell, he had just dropped his friend off at his home (I’m keeping the actual location under wraps at the moments) He noticed the wolf in the cornfield (on 4 legs) walking towards the road. His camera was handy, because he had never seen a wolf in the wild. He slowed…and when the wolf approached the road it stood up on 2 legs and walked quickly across the road. He said it walked just like any human would…didn’t stumble or look awkward. The wolf was also swinging its front legs, like a human walking. Honestly, I believe the guy… Lon”