Oregon farmer films possible juvenile Bigfoot in cornfield

A corn farmer in Oregon thinks he may have filmed a young sasquatch in a cornfield. "I was hauling corn for a farmer in eastern Oregon just waiting for the combine to come load me and I heard a rustling sound behind me. I looked back and saw a shadow figure in the corn and I decided to record. It eventually disappeared when I stopped recording. I was the only one out there. It could be a possible young bigfoot but I'm not sure," says the farmer.


Full video:
Is this Bigfoot? There's been many sightings of Bigfoots in cornfields including one in Ohio where a witness observed one. "I was facing my back yard and enjoying the moon light and I might have been there for approximately two to three minutes when I heard a low guttural growl coming from my left from the cornfield. I live on a dead end street and the property that is located beside me is a corn field that belongs to a gentleman that lives up the street," one person in Ohio. Also in Delaware, a family observed a tall biped in a cornfield north of Bethany Beach. "Our family was driving home from vacation last August when I saw something unusual in a cornfield. We were roughly 40-45 minutes north of Bethany Beach, Delaware traveling on Route 1 passing through farm country at the time," wrote the family.


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Posted Friday, December 28, 2018