New Report: Large Bigfoot Peeps Inside Woman's Bathroom Window

Posted Thursday, December 27, 2018

By staff

BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor: I was able to talk to this witness the same day as her sighting. Her sighting was about 7:30AM, shortly after getting up. I talked with her later in the day, about 6:00 PM. She got up to let her dog go outside to pee. The dog uncharacteristically came right back inside. She went back to bed. All the windows were open. Then, about 7:30AM, she smelled what she described as a “raw sewage smell”, which made her feel sick. Then she heard the sounds of sticks breaking as something was walking by. She went to the bathroom, which is on the NW corner of her house, and looked out the window that was facing west. She saw a brownish-black creature walking upright. It crossed-by her line of sight going north. It was 20 feet away, and from her vantage point she was able to see about 10 feet of its travel. She shifted position to the north window, and watched it walk up the slope to the cemetery north of her property. It walked past an old tombstone, and then through some berry bushes. She remembers that it had a very blocky build, with square shoulders. As it walked, she viewed its right side, and then after shifting to the north window was watching it as it walked away. Later, she went out and took some photos. Here is one showing where the creature walked. On the right side is the west bathroom window. She went to the tombstone, and standing next to it, it came to her waist. She is 5’6” tall, and in her estimation the creature was over 7 feet tall. From the direction that it was traveling, it had come from the near-by Nehalem River. Looking at satellite photos of the area, I believe that the creature was headed towards the forest land east of the town. Due to the combination of the dog’s behavior, which is commonly reported when sasquatches are near-by, the odor she described, and the good sighting, there is no-doubt that this witness was fortunate enough to view a sasquatch walking by. via (Link: